The receiver must be nice because enterito see when you open the door. The living room, because receives visitors. The bathroom the same. And the kitchen, because lately he is usurping the role of the living center of social gatherings. Wait! And the bedroom? Better we close the door … If you recognize yourself in these words, let’s remedy. Let’s review the parts you can not miss and you put the proper selecting them to feel like the best place in the world.

1. A bed take care of you

A bed take care of you

We spent 25 years of our lives sleeping, so better than the bed comfortable. Always test box spring and mattress, and do it with the pillow. The mattress should respect the natural curvature of your spine if you sleep on your back and keep it aligned if you sleep on your side. Memory foam or latex are the healthiest.

2. A headboard that frames

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Largely defines the style of the bedroom. You can choose a traditional wooden headboard, iron, fiber, upholstery … or opt for a 25 cm wide cabinet whose shelf is the table and serve to save if your room is mini.
Or you can follow the trend of headboards XL lining the wall with wood or wallpaper.

3. The cabinet you need


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Ask yourself what you should keep (after making a wise cleaning, of course) and plan it so that nothing is tight or at the bottom, because only we get what we see and we can only keep it tidy if not piled. If you wish not steal space visually, empótralo if you can and if not, who is white, the same color as the wall to camouflage or glass doors.

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4. Mesitas, comfortable … more to save!


For bedding, for supplements … If you have little space, replaces one of the tables by the dresser. Would you get more out.

5. Get up, step on the carpet and … ummmmm

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The ideal? XL and it covers the entire surface of the bed, standing on the sides and 1/3 feet. As for materials, wool or cotton, and long hair for a tastier tread.

6. To look and to watch them



You do not miss a mirror. Leaning on the ground if it is to see you whole body or on the chest, if it is smaller. It will style. Details to decorate, better wood, or glass fibers: bring serenity; group them in threes because couples are poor.

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7. Light? Darkness? Privacy ¿? … Put curtains


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If you prefer light before total privacy curtains. If you want to sleep better, double curtains (dark and light). And if you like well-dressed windows, blinds and curtains falling or coarse linen, silk or chenille wild -have more weight- to drag; for it, measures the distance of the bar down and adds 10 more cm.

8. Coatings hosting you

wallpaper on bedroom

Whether you paint as if you opt for wallpaper in one or all walls, choose shades that favor relaxation: warm gray, green water, garbanzo …

9. Light where you need it

lightnings bedroom

A general do not let shady corners -250 lux (lumens per square meter) – and a warm color temperature (3000 K). Reading lamps with adjustable arm and focused light. In front of the cabinet, an overhead led by each body, 30 cm from the closet. And fuzzy warm lighting to create atmosphere: downlights behind the headboard, a floor lamp, etc.

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10. Pats textiles

comfortable bedroom

You sleep like a child abrigándote with linens or fabrics 100% cotton and get a magazine giving bed volume. How? Bedding generous measures. For a mattress of 150 cm, one top sheet 240 x 280 cm and a duvet cover or quilt 240 x 260 cm. And if it is 180 cm, a countertop 270 x 280 cm and a Nordic or quilt 260 x 270 cm. Ah! and if you do not have a couch, covering legs of the bed frame with linen or a skirt. The final fluffy plus it will give a bedside plaid and cushions.

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