Everyone looks forward to breaking out of the monotonous routine of life. Life, to some people is stressful and they will grab a chance to get out and enjoy themselves for a while. If you are in same situation and going on vacation is something you look forward to, then there is no better way to do this than by going to some fantastic beach vacation spots in the world. This is a very good way of keeping the mind and body in high spirit. There are many benefits of going on vacation apart from the reason we mentioned earlier. Vacations tend to bring the families more closely together, and thus inculcate good family values and enable a better understanding. Now, let us look at some best beach vacation spots around the world.

    1.Hawaii, USA

    The Hawaiian Islands have got it all and it is a good place to enjoy your vacation. There are amazing beaches, attractive rain forest, beautiful scenery, fascinating mountain ranges and a fantastic weather. No doubt, Hawaii is indeed a place to be.


2.Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Morro de Sao Paulo is also called Tinhare Island. This island has four different beaches. The first beach is the most visited in the island. There are old beach     houses that have been transformed to inns which mean you can stay in the island and enjoy the beaches.


3.Palencia, Belize

    Palencia is known as the most beautiful beach in Belize and rightly so. The beach shore stretches for 16 miles of white sand. Howler monkeys, alligators, and     manatees are often spotted in the area by tourists from around the world.


4.Cancun, Mexico

    Cancun is another beautiful and exotic place where fun is a constant topic. The water is sky blue and the sand is white. Besides, you will enjoy the warm sun. No     doubt, Cancun is one of the finest resorts in the entire country of Mexico.


5.Puerto Viejo, Costa Rico

    It is believe that this Central American country is a beautiful secret of the Caribbean. Apart from the beautiful beaches, there are fine shelters around and the     food is extremely good. There are various Italian and South American dishes on offer.


6.Negril, Jamaica

    If you want to see colorful people and fine beaches, Negril is the place to be. One thing about this place is that the shoreline is often packed with people at all     times. You will see locals approaching you with the best of what Jamaica has to offer from carvings to fresh fruit. The sunset over Negril is incredible to watch.


7.Florida, USA

    Florida has always be among the top vacation spots in the world. Known most famously for Disney World, Florida is however better appreciated for its     beautiful beaches. You surely will enjoy your time in this vacation spot.


8.Kerala, India

    Kerala is a beautiful place to be and enjoy your vacation. Kerala has live-in house boats, and awesome beaches and it is the perfect getaway from a hectic     lifestyle, if only for a few days.


9.Palm Beach, Aruba

    Located in Aruba’s heart of luxury resorts, Palm Beach is a fantastic place that always attracts quite a large crowd, but it is worth the hustle and bustle because it     is always at the top of the list of Aruba’s best beaches. If you love swimming, the beach is best place to go.


10.Treasure Beach

    Treasure Beach is a laid-back collection of coves, beaches and great swimming spots that you will love. There are also fishing villages along Treasure Beach that     have created a community-based tourism.

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