Sports pants with flats?

Sports pants with flats?

Trick: Here the secret to looking sophisticated, without risking comfort, is only to use – at most – three similar colour tones (grey, white and black). Moreover, it is important to choose a delicate top and nice flats to excel in style.

You will never believe how easy it is to achieve these spectacular shorts look.

spectacular shorts look

Tip: Undoubtedly here the detail is in wearing booties with a thick and medium heel next to a good wallet. Besides, it’s just a matter of choosing a pair of cloth shorts, a white cotton shirt and an open plaid shirt.

How to wear a simple shirt and look fabulous?

Trick: Carry it inside. Also, it is important that nothing in the look has prints and even better if you load sober colours. Do not forget a simple necklace and a bracelet to give it an even more feminine touch.

Buy yourself a red skirt by the knees and solve your problems.

red skirt by the knees and solve your problems

Trick: Here the trick is the red skirt, period. Whether or not it is printed, wearing one at knee height is something totally recommended that will make you look spectacular without much effort. You can wear it with espadrilles,or even with a pair of flats.

A black cotton dress with Adidas shoes for a very heavy Monday.

Trick: The advice to achieve this look is to keep the Adidas Super clean so you look relaxed, but at the same time flirtatious and not too casual. This is the ideal time to use gold accessories.

Use your converse with some skinny jeans broken.

Trick: Skinny jeans that reach your ankle with your favourite Converse. Extra points if you wear the cotton t-shirt inside the pants.

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For cloudy days: try a giant cardigan with torn pants.

Trick: Achieving great looks with this look will take less than five minutes. Go to your closet, look for a printed top, broken pants and combat boots. The perfect piece? That giant cardigan on top of everything.

Add to your dark look a leather jacket and white tennis shoes.

Trick: Wear your trusty black jeans and a simple cotton t-shirt, the special touch give the leather jacket next to a pair of white sports. You will look modern and up to date without a minimum of suffering.

Return to childhood with overalls and a blouse.

Trick: Although overalls look great with t-shirts, if you wear it with a white button blouse you will look even better. Try a look like this, roll up your pants boot to give it a more casual touch.

How to wear the bell pants without dying in the attempt?

Trick: Unless you live under a rock, you should know that the seventy vibe of the flared pants is back. Do not suffer if you do not know how to wear them: blouse stamped inside and a pair of pointy shoes will save your life.

Buy a mustard dress and wear it with black.

Trick: Mustard is a unique and super striking color that although it captures the eyes of many, is not at all scandalous. It is a tone that fits the brunettes and to give the unique touch you will only have to add to the dress some black stockings (the hat is optional, but looks fantastic).

The freshness of white with a touch of denim.

Trick: Here the trick is to dress with cool white pieces and wear a jean overcoat. Recommended accessories are golds.

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Fuchsia, for colored souls.

Tip: Combine pieces pale pink with a fuchsia coat and now, be ready to look fabulous. Extra points for encouraging you to wear a yellow briefcase.

Look spectacular: a button jean skirt with rubber shoes.

Trick: Buttons skirts are everything right now. Ideal to highlight your figure the best way is to use a top or a body attached to the body. Can you wear them with sneakers? Obvious, go for it.

Glamorous and comfortable at the same time with a lack midi type.

Trick: If you look well, there is only black, white and red (the adorable puppy does not count, but casually also combines). The skirt below the knees, use it with a sober sports.

The winning outfit that never fails: a pair of boots with jean rolled up.

Tip: For this look you only need three key pieces. 1. Grab those boyfriend jeans, 2. roll them up to take them with a few booties and 3. a simple cotton t-shirt. If it’s cold, you can add an overcoat to the look.

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