car-loanGetting a new car is always very exciting, but hardly does one get to down pay the full amount at one go! A lot of calculations have to be made in order to find the most suitable car loan.  A few points that are to be given utmost importance in the case of a vehicle loan are described here.

Gauge how much you can afford

One can have many dreams regarding their own car, and especially the first car is the most cherished one. But when you start earning, you have to cut your coat according to your cloth! So, get the calculator and see the upper limit that you can spare for your car, after taking care of the kids’ education, medical and insurance expenses, the bare minimum requirements of life, and the house rent. You also have to calculate the yearly depreciation and consider accidental expenses too.

Know the interest rate and its type

Study the annual interest rate of a proposed car loan and cross check if it is a fixed or a floating loan. In case of fixed loans, you will not get the advantage when it goes down, but in case of a floating loan, there is a risk of the monthly installment scaling up without any control of yours. It is always advisable to go for fixed loans. This keeps your EMI at a fixed level and helps in the easy budgeting of your monthly expenses.

Decide on the length of the repayment period

There are many blocks of years by when the repayment of your car loan with Toyota – or as the Dansk professionals call it bil len hos Toyota – can be made. It can be a 36, 60, 65 or 72 months’ duration. Longer durations can give you a cheaper rate of interest but the liability stays with you for a long time. In case of short durations, the ROI is higher but the burden is off your shoulders faster. If you plan to go for a better car after a few years, it is advisable to go for short duration loans to be free of liabilities when you make your next investment.

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Know about your lender

Know about the finance organization well before you invest. This is just a measure to avoid frauds. It is always preferable to learn the history and testimonials of the financier of your car loan.

Read the terms and conditions carefully!

Often, we do not bother to take the pain of going through the detailed terms and conditions. In fact, you must be aware of them, so that in case you miss one EMI due to financial constraint, or you become a defaulter of the remaining car loan, you are not taken for a ride by the financier; rather, you get the desired ethical treatment that you deserve from them!

Since buying a car is less of a need and more of a dream coming true, you need to do the hard work of acquiring information that will help you. Would you not like to play safe with your hard-earned money, before pitching in for such a huge investment? Do not believe in what your financier says, just cross check every detail, because the pain is worth it!

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