Farming is a profitable and popular business all over the world. It is one of the oldest businesses of mankind; although it started with manual labor with minimum use of machines, times have changed. These days, farmers use different types of tools and machines to maintain productivity and get assured return on investment.

If you have just started a firm and are searching for the ideal tools, websites selling online farm products can be a great solution for your needs. They offer cheaper rates than local shops and deliver the tools at your doorstep.

Since you are a beginner, you must be wondering, “What tools do I need?” First of all, the requirements depend on the area you have and the type of crops you are planning to grow. However, there is some basic equipment that you’ll always need, no matter what your plan is. Here is a list of the most popular and useful farming tools.

# Plow: This is the most essential tool for farming. With the help of a plow, you can turn over the soil and remove any harmful surface vegetation. It is used for making the field ready and as the soil breaks apart, air and sunlight can reach the ground properly.

# Hoe: If your land is filled with weeds, you must remove them one by one because even a single weed can damage the plants you are going to cultivate. Hoe is perfect for removing weeds from the ground. It has a long circular handle and a square-shaped metal at the end. You can use it to remove the soil around the roots of the weeds.

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# Trowel: It is a miniature version of a hoe. A trowel features a small handle and a triangle-shaped metal at the end of the handle. It’s used for planting delicate plants and removing weeds from small areas. When you place seeds inside the ground, a trowel can be used for filling up the holes with soil.

# Pitchfork: It looks like an enlarged dinner fork and is used for mixing up the soil. With the help of a pitchfork, you can put the soil upside down and expose the darker, nutrient-rich soil that stays beneath the surface.

# Shears: It’s basically a large scissor. You can use it for pruning the plants from time to time. Farmers mainly use shears to chop off the damaged branches of a plant to make sure the infected parts don’t damage the entire plant. You can find high-quality shears in the online store of any reputed farm and rural merchandise company.

# Handcarts: Don’t forget that you need to move the crops from the ground to the storage area before sending them to the market. A handcart is ideal for short distance transportation inside the farm area. You can also carry fertilizers or sacks full of seeds using a handcart. It costs $100-$400 and the main reason for using it is that you can move it over any type of surface.

# Row planter: This machine is used for planting seeds in a farm. Depending on the model, a row planter machine can plant up to 48 rows of seeds. It’s generally attached with a tractor and when the farmer pulls it across the field, the planter machine places the seeds inside the ground in rows. Most row planters come with manual adjustment facility so that the user can modify the spacing between rows.

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# Sprayer: It’s a must for every farmer. You need to spray fertilizers and pesticides on the plants from time to time to increase their growth and prevent any harmful insects from eating the crops. You can attach the sprayer behind your tractor and drive it all over the field to make sure the chemicals are spread evenly.

You can easily find the aforementioned items in the “farm supplies” page of a good e-commerce website. Make sure the seller offers lower rates than the market and provides warranty for all the items; so that if there is any kind of malfunctioning, you can get the product repaired or replaced.

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