A few Valentine ‘s Day we decided to show you some alternatives evening dresses which you can use to live with your love the most beautiful evenings of that special day. Dress for Valentine ‘s Day where the color that stands out is red, representing love color.Red is the color of the day romantic Valentine, closely associated with love and passion, besides being the color worn by the love, is characterized by providing a lot of energy and vitality.Types of red dresses.

Elegant dresses

Is romantic go to a fancy restaurant for a dinner by candlelight, with romantic background music and the company of a loved one. Remove all the dresses, jewelry and makeup that he had saved for a special event, after all, the date required.Choose a dress design in bold colors. The lighting in the restaurant accentuate the colors. You could go for the classic red or black, or may even choose other warm, such as orange and yellow colors. Solid work very well as well as floral and animal prints. Use a dress to measure, it falls into the waist and sleeveless. Make sure you do look sexy and feel comfortable.

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Feminine and sexy

There’s nothing like a soft dress when you want to create a feminine look. Opt for a dress tailored to give you shape your body. Also note the feasibility of using very tight dresses, if you are not sure of the places you are visiting.You should consider the practicability and comfort of your wardrobe. And a convenient and comfortable dress can be very sexy. Opt for soft fabrics like chiffon and lightweight silks in colors and patterns of your choice. You can also play with shapes of necklines.

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Choose a length that does not drag behind you while walking.Use and comfortable high heels because they look really good in a dress. A necklace and bracelets tasteful complete the look. You can also carry a small bag in shades that contract with the dress. For a female makeup, try subtle hints of pink if she’s blonde and peaches and oranges tones if you have a darker skin tone eyes and lips.

Casual Dresses

If you are one of the few lucky couples who can spend all day together, you should choose something that is suitable for day and night. Pay attention to comfort since most of the day will pass dressed.Pirate pants that fit at the waist or even stockings neutral color with a thin blouse and jacket silk linen or cotton are very well all over the world. Pay attention to the way as something too tight or too loose will look bad. The jacket will keep you warm at night. Choose your colors wisely. You do not have to wear full red simply because it is Valentine’s Day.

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You can use accessories such as a long chain and some interesting amulets in shades of contrast. Remember, choose more discreet and subtle earrings when you are using more detailed and heavy on his neck. To complete the look, wear comfortable high heels or boots and a big bag. You could have a minimum of makeup for the day with lip gloss and a touch of mascara and eyeliner and update your look with blush and shadows for the night. Another idea could be a dress with a skirt with a tunic or blouse set.

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