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In winter everything changes. They end the days on the beach and movie nights in bed appear; fan guards and return to the beloved stove; change the bikini for pajamas and a cute pair of slippers.But one thing is always the same regardless of the weather or time of year: the desire to eat something sweet.

The coldest time of year is a period where we need a lot of calories and is the perfect excuse to enjoy these delicacies. Do not miss the best desserts for the winter.


Whatever prepare. In addition, you can eat at room temperature ,  ideal for those who suffer the cold our choice, the mousse is one of the  desserts for winter  easier and faster to option. Imagine this situation: living, blanket, romantic movie and chocolate mousse. Not the perfect combination?



It is a classic of this season. Depending on the type (either classic nougat , nougat peanut butter  or any other ingredient) you will have more or fewer calories, but the truth is that it is a great ally to have a delicious winter and becomes an ace up manga we should always have on hand, especially if there are children in the house.

Bread Pudding


In the coldest months of the year preparing pot dishes and usually we buy too much bread to accompany them . It’s is one of the best things about the winter! But then we do not know what to do with the leftover bread. Bread pudding, besides being one of the  special desserts for winter , is an easy and quick way of not wasting food.

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Dry Mass


Accompanied by a tea, dry masses are the perfect end to a desktop with family or friends. The advantages? When you serve something sweet tooth but do not want to eat a portion of giant dessert; They can be stored for a long time without spoil and are  very easy to prepare  . Besides, they are not divine as decoration in glass jars?

Chocolate truffles

Again, chocolate is the protagonist in this top 10 ingredient  desserts for winter . The truffles are a delicious choice for any occasion and what better to accompany a freezing night with a few chocolate truffles! Let alone if they have a little touch of liquor or other beverage as in this recipe truffle red wine .


The pancakes are an ideal accompaniment rainy afternoons winter and take away the desire for something rich but without exceeding sweet choice. You can do a lot of varieties with the same mass, from the classic pancake with dulce de leche fillings up apple, blueberry or ricotta.

Nuts Tart

nut tart

If there is something that can not miss in winter are the recipes with nuts. Not only a classic of this season but also provide us with the necessary calories for an authentic winter menu. You can do it with nuts, raisins, figs, almonds, hazelnuts or, if you’re the most greedy, a little of each.



This is a top 10 desserts to spend the cold, but … who said he could not eat ice cream in winter? It is one of my favorites and I can not leave, even when freezing temperatures.

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If you are one of those who love ice cream, whatever the taste, you will understand why it is in # 3. Ice cream can never be lacking; no matter if it rains, shine or snow falls, he is our faithful companion movies and never abandons us.

 Chocolate brownie with caramel

The brownie is ideal for closing a perfect lunch to eat in the afternoon or to enjoy any time of day. It’s as delicious as easy to do and you do not need too many ingredients. Yes, its flavor is enhanced if we add some chopped, caramel nut sauce and some chocolate to decorate.

 Chocolate salami

Chocolate salami

Being a bomb of flavor and happiness, # 1 deserves. The chocolate salami is the perfect synthesis of everything we need for a winter day: cookies, a touch of liquor and much but much chocolate!

Now that you’ve seen the ranking of  desserts for winter , you have many ideas to put into practice. Dare to try them and tell us what you’re favorite.

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