A diamond eternity ring is a very special type of ring meant to be a declaration of never ending love. This is not a ring that should be given to just any woman, but to the one woman who you know you will love forever.

  • Tradition of Diamond Eternity Rings

Although the concept of diamond eternity rings was born in the 1960s as a way to increase diamond sales, the actual giving of a special ring to signify a man’s never ending love for women actually dates back almost to the beginning of time. While some of these original rings were made of bone and other less than precious materials the symbolism of these rings have remained steadfast throughout the centuries.

Today Eternity rings are normally given on a significant anniversary usually around the 40 year mark, for marriages that have with stood the test of time, but there is no steadfast rule regarding when such a ring should be given, and many men who know they have found their lifetime love prefer to give this ring sooner rather than later.

  • Changing Styles of Diamond Eternity Rings

When Eternity rings were first introduced in the 1960s, these rings were made of precious metal, normally gold with a continuous line of gems normally diamonds embedded in the metal. While this classic style of eternity rings are still popular today, ring designers have come up with some beautiful variations on the classic style of eternity ring. Some variations in these rings include:

  • While gold is still the most popular for eternity rings yellow gold is being joined by rose gold and white gold in many modern eternity rings. Platinum has also been appearing in more modern eternity rings.
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  • While diamonds are still featured in modern day eternity rings other precious and semi-precious gems are now being included. Sapphires are particularly popular, but more and more rings are mixing rubies, emeralds, and other gems with the diamonds.
  • Instead of the plain round band traditionally used in diamond eternity rings, ring designers are now braiding metals, and creating other new and interesting shapes with losing the essence of these special diamond encrusted bands.
  • When is the Right Time to Give A Eternity Ring?

Many men find themselves wondering when the right time to give an eternity ring is. While there is no hard and fast rule as to when you can give a women this beautiful love inspired ring, you at least be sure that woman you give the ring to is the only woman in your life. This really is not a ring that is appropriate for a first or even fifth anniversary under normal circumstances, but there are times when giving this ring sooner or later may be appropriate for some relationships.

men propose for the marriage proposal ring

men propose for the marriage

One thing is certain, with people marrying a bit later in life, using the 40 year anniversary mark for the giving of an eternity ring no longer holds true, but there are plenty of men who give this ring to their wives on their 25th anniversary.

Do keep in mind that you don’t need to wait until an anniversary comes round to give the woman you adore a diamond eternity ring as the woman in your life will receive this ring and the symbol of love it encompasses with tears of joy in her eyes whenever you gift her with this precious and meaningful gift.

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