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One of the essential accessories for every woman is a good wristwatch, which not only provide beauty and elegance, but also quality and durability and practicality to wear on any occasion. We recommend you take into account some features so you can choose a quality model, such as manufacturing materials, which may be metal or textiles, in addition to the quality and accuracy of the machinery and watch design. A model that fully complies with these requirements is the Michael Kors MK5263 , an elegant watch made of stainless steel plating durability, pink, crystal made of minerals and weighing just 294 grams. Another excellent model is the Daniel Wellington Classic Lady Winchester , casual elegant and modern design, made of resistant stainless steel straps damage and strong fabric bicolor, has two years warranty from the manufacturer.

Buying Guide

The materials

When it comes to find a watch that will last a long time, choose good materials it is essential. These materials may be metal or textiles, but in any case you should ensure a long service life. In the case of banks it is preferable to opt for noble metals or at least elements such as stainless steel, which will ensure a long life without spoiling or losing its luster. Watch crystals should always be quality and have treatment against scratching to maintain adequate transparency of the sphere. Regarding belts, but can be changed, you must also exercise caution with respect to the material. The fabric is usually more brittle than metal and is more sensitive to moisture or efforts, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.


The machinery

It is one of the forgotten when making a comparison of women’s watches, mainly because it looks elements. But it is the key that keeps the clock and allows it to serve for more than just to carry on the wrist. The machinery is in charge of giving the time and therefore must be accurate and quality. The level of accuracy is given by the annual clock delay and the smaller it is the same much better. It is also important to note that machinery materials as it can be the key to how much a quality watch against an economic one. The machinery must always be metal, properly engaged and maintenance beyond changing the battery when touching or wind it up if necessary. A machine with plastic elements eventually break or wear out offering poor results during prolonged use of the piece.

Although we will not get into the particular tastes it is important to consider some design elements. One is the presence of corners, edges or complex angles. All these sharp objects may eventually caught and spoil your clothes, besides being the sign of a poor finish or an inelegant design. The design of the watch should also be comfortable, always adjusted to the wrist without marring the piece under normal conditions of use. In conclusion should opt for elegant but simple design watches. Some designs are so overloaded that really pose a problem when taking them frequently, either because they are annoying, either because of own use wear and eventually break or deteriorate.

What is the best watch womens 2017?

One of the essential accessories to complement the set of any woman, is a watch, but do not be fooled, not just any clock will be able to guarantee a perfect match with a precise touch of style and for this reason we want to offer a collection of the best watches for women 2017:

Featured products

Michael Kors MK5263

Michael Kors has always been known for offering unique and stylish designs that can not find in models from other brands. The practice uniqueness of its elegance and distinction, can be seen in this beautiful accessory, categorized as the best woman’s watch: the MK5263 Michael Kors, it is a simply beautiful watch. You made of stainless steel plating, you can wear an accessory that will be the envy of all your friends.

Michael Kors MK5263

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Its dial has a crystal made of minerals, so you will acquire a product of much resistance that will last for indefinite time and its strap in gold, will grant that touch usable for dinners and outings with friends elegance, plus all their weighing just 294 grams, will allow you to wear it in comfort. If you want to be the center of attention and always look radiant and distinctive, acquires the best womens watch!

Whether for your wife, your girlfriend, a friend, a sister, or any important lady in your life, give the best time watch woman will always be a success:


Design: as expected, one of the most appreciated aspects of a woman ‘s watch model manufactured and designed by Michael Kors brand is its design. The MK 5263 women watch out for having an elegant, sober and very compatible with night clothes look. Therefore, you can use it to complement the evening dress or suit that business dinner.

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Functions: because the women watch MK 5263 is a high – end watch, it has a number of special features that allow you to know exactly weather data. Starting obviously time also accompanied by the seconds, the date and time display in 24 – hour format.

Materials: watches are accessories widely used around the world and generally are used in day to day so the type of materials used in their manufacture should be the best if you want to buy a model that lasts over time. 5263 MK Michael Kors is made of stainless steel which is resistant to dust, water and even scratches. In this way you can wear it without problems.

Strap: wristwatches are composed of two parts; strap and dial. The belt is what most occupies in space arm during use so it is also very considered when purchasing any model. The strap complements the dial 5263 Michael Kors is stainless steel pink gold or platinum, which gives it a very attractive appearance and distinguished.

Weight: This womens watch model has a weight of 481 grams so, if you are accustomed to using designer watches, will not bother you at all the use.

Daniel Wellington Classic Lady Winchester

Winchester Classic Lady, Daniel Wellington, is the ideal place for women citadina clock. Listed as one of the best options to acquire the best womens watch quality – price, this beautiful and modern clock, has an innovative and fresh design that will allow you to wear it in summer as relaxed ideal to complement the look attachment that both liked young ladies.

Daniel Wellington Classic Lady WinchesterCheck out on Amazon

Made of stainless steel, this watch offers the special feature of being resistant to bumps and scratches, so you can use it to do any activity you want without worrying about damage. The strap is made of a very durable fabric with a two-tone design that makes it really unique and attractive and sphere white gives a touch of elegance to such a sporty and casual design as it bears.

If you are trying to find the best watch woman for 100 euros, can the positive and negative aspects of this model will help you make a decision:


Style: if you are in search of a casual watch that you can use in your day to day at the office, this may be the model for you. Winchester Classic Lady of Daniel Wellington watch is a relaxed but elegant appearance so it will look amazing during the day and night.

Warranty: this model has 2 year warranty from the manufacturer so you can protect your purchase in case of manufacturing defects.

Materials: the dial of this watch model woman is made of stainless steel, making it shock resistant and therefore durable.


Water: this model womens watch can get wet at times but not recommended to swim with it because it can be damaged.

Design: we must take into account that it is a casual type clock so would not look too good if you decide to use in formal events.

Fossil ES3352

Whether you hang out at night and if you work with the public, you should never miss not a good watch on your wrist that complements your style. This watch combines elegance and strength a little gem offering a price more than recommended.

Fossil ES3352

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Its body is made of stainless steel plated nice pink gold, which will guarantee you that your new purchase will last you for a long time without spoiling or the sweat, or with use. His inner sphere has bright embedded, making it a sophisticated and elegant choice.

Thanks to its quartz crystal mechanism we can rest assured always be on time for our appointments as corrected quite well the variations of time clocks often suffer over time. It also has calendar and chronograph, so you control the time at all times fulfill its role to perfection.

With a thickness of only 12m box and a diameter of 38 mm your wait is the perfect size for any woman doll unobtrusively and can show off easily. Its weight is also reduced, weighing only 82 grams.

As for his buckle this is scrollable, so you put it with ease and mineral glass will make your clock that is resistant to scratches and bumps.


Materials: the stainless steel plated watch will equip your long life without this being damaged and remaining intact.

Quartz Crystal: Its mechanism by quartz crystal is a guarantee of proper functioning of this model for many years without delaying your time for a second.

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Design: The elegant and sophisticated at the same time modern combine perfectly with you and your style, design and use it for a night out to go to work and in your everyday life .


Length: Its length women norm, so for very thick wrists may be too tight.

Fossil ES3060 Ladies Dress

Show off the time on your wrist is something that allows us to keep up, but it also helps us to look a fashion that fit perfectly with your style, always wagered by elegant models in line with the clothes and what you like . If further bets by a model with quality and good resistance not only will making a smart buy, but it will be a smart investment. All these elements are present in the model Fossil Ladies Dress ES3060. A model whose elegance is in its simplicity, counting with a blank box classic tone highlighting the elements of time and needles in an elegant gray strong. For fastening the product is accompanied by a leather strap in brown with metal rivets, which give a touch somewhere between rustic and industrial, being a perfect watch for those days when you want to look elegant but casual style . And all this with the very quality of Fossil, which not only offers a good design but a box of high quality that will accompany you for a long time.

 Fossil ES3060 Ladies Dress

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Elegant: the contrast between the white box with gray accents, with belt in brown, elegant design gives the perfect place to show off a casual yet elegant image product.

Leather strap: the brown leather strap gives you a wide comfort while providing an elegant support avoided problems like sweat and marks on her wrist.

Quartz Case : Case and quartz design offer precise and safe operation for the clock, so that you always have on your wrist fair and accurate time.

Size: as befits a lady ‘s watch, the box size is set so that the clock is really a product design not a simple clock and more.


Belt durability: as discussed some users, leather belt can be more fragile than it should, especially if subjected to complicated conditions of use.

CASIO Collection LTP-2069D-4AVEF

Does it interest in look elegant, casual yet impeccable? Then you should check this watch model for women that offers Casio. Your watch LTP – 2069D – 4AVEF, one of his latest collections, is a unique accessory that offers a particularly sublime style, which draw the attention of everyone around you.

CASIO Collection LTP-2069D-4AVEF

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It is made of polished stainless steel, offer a touch of elegance and luxury, while still being casual so you can use both day and night. Its dial features a minimalist, simple and practical design on a pink basis so you can look feminine at all times. It also has, with a chronograph to take time, a date indicator so you always know what day it is and besides all, it’s waterproof! And with just 64 grams, wear it will be a simple task that almost forget you’re wearing it.

If you do not want to spend too much, one of the cheapest may be your solution. However, Casio is considered by some as the best recognized brand watch woman offering quality products at affordable prices:


Materials: this model presented by Casio is made of stainless steel, which gives hardness, resistance and support shock so you can use it safely.

Calendar: also integrates a handy calendar on your dial where you can display the day, month and 24 – hour format.

Weight: weighing 64 grams, it is fairly light so it will not bother the use for long periods of time.


Color: Some customers let us know that the color of the sphere is a little clearer than seen in photos so you should take this into account when combined.

Case: also indicated that the box in which the clock is received is not very suitable if you want to give away the product so they have had to purchase one separately.

Kahuna KLS-0083L

Among the best cheap watches for women, we have for you this exclusive watch design Kahuna. The KLS – 0083L is a different, practical, delicate and beautiful watch. Made almost entirely of genuine leather, this watch for lady, probably more than able to meet your expectations. Ideal for those girls with free spirit, the deKahuna watch features a distinctive, modern design and very casual.


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The glass material is composed of minerals, which make it very resistant to dents and scratches and analog display lets you discern the time very easily. It has 2 year warranty directly with the manufacturer, so you can make your claim and receive a completely new for damages and with just 77 grams, wear it will be a task of inertia. Do not hesitate and acquires this beautiful model to complement your wardrobe!

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If I come to this point have not been able to determine which women watch buy, maybe the features of this model convince you to buy it:


Style: watch womens KLS – 0083 L Kahuna known for presenting a different design than previous models. It has a fairly youthful and fun look that will ideal for day to day.

Materials: the strap is made of leather which is very attractive and quite sturdy. This will allow you to enjoy your watch for many years.

Color: also, this model maintains the natural color of the leather elements so it is a combination of light and dark brown allowing you to combine with many garments.


Size: is to consider that this model is a small clock so you can not look good in large dolls.

Batteries: some customers had problems with the batteries of their watches so it is recommended to replace them .

The most popular brands

To discover what the best women watch not enough just to have one high-priced, but need to find out what other new brands on the market. Moreover, it is important to see what comments give users on the Web on these brands and models. In short, it is why in this article we will not focus on brands by price in the market. Today we’ll talk about 3 spectacular brands that are among the top positive comments about the Internet, we refer to Michael Kors, Casio, Fossil.
Michael Kors
That’s right, this is one of the best brands of watches women today. Michael Kors was originally Karl Anderson, Jr., a great American designer who created this brand sold when rapidly in prestigious stores like Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

Currently not only they make watches for women, but also make shoes, sunglasses, wallets, pants, men’s briefcases, etc. And all products are of excellent quality and designs that impact anyone. If you want to buy a watch for women, branded Michael Kors watches you find different colors and sizes. Even you’ll find watches with leather straps, metal straps and belts gold and chrome.

In short, there are watches for every taste. Also, the network is their official website, so not only find their products in virtual stores like Amazon but you will enjoy also its own page for its wide range of items, whether looking for things of man or woman. According to the comments on the Internet of people who bought these wonderful watches, it is one of the best brands in 2016.
This is one of the most recognized worldwide as various types of products, including of course, the watches, which are excellent and very beautiful if you want to look the most good lady’s watch brands. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and was founded by Tadao Kashio in 1957.

Generally, Casio manufactures products for various needs, from home appliances such as musical keyboards, digital cameras, etc. Of course, one of its main products are women’s watches, which are made of different colors and materials for different tastes and fashions of the modern world. It also manufactures classic wristwatches and wall clocks, alarm clocks, among others.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the first small electronic calculator, model 14-A, was created by Casio in 1957, ie in the same year of its foundation. And as TVs black and white pocket, Casio was the first creator, a fact that occurred in 1974. Finally, users around the world who have commented on this brand on the Web say much of their excellent value , so if you want to give your wife a luxury watch and brand, you could buy one of this brand.
/Ilina-Analog-White-WomensFossil Group, is a brand that designs and manufactures various accessories, watches not only women but also makes and distributes to various parts of the world: glasses, jewelry, handbags, wallets lady and gentleman, handbags or purses, etc. All products of high quality and elegance. For things we like fashion is an excellent choice to look at their products.

Watches lady, as some already know, come from different models, there for every woman, every taste specific. With this brand you have watches lady with different colors and combinations; there are white, black, blue, chrome, pink, white, gray, etc. Some are “gold”, ie, gold color, so they are quite formal for those special occasions.

In addition, there are watches with its classic models, more modern. Some have their leather straps, others are completely chrome. On the other hand, their sizes vary, some come with fine leather straps, others are slightly wider. In conclusion, there are many models to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


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