When practicing this discipline, having the best possible yoga mat helps the body to exercise comfortably. If this is firm and comfortable it is an advantage. Another plus is that it promotes sweat perspiration while you do each exercise because you really sweat and more if you practice the Bikram style, in rooms with heating.

If its quality is optimal, it is easier to adopt the different positions that the instructor tells you. Therefore, when choosing your first mat or replace the previous one, the ideal would be to find the one that best suits your body and needs.

How should the best yoga mat be?

There are five things that are imperative and that you should keep in mind to buy a yoga mat. Thinking about these characteristics before helps you to decide for the most appropriate. It is not nice to spend money on an accessory that is not convenient and practical in class. The idea is that it works just so your body and mind are better. True?

Stability and comfort: if they have these two characteristics allow to perform without problems all the exercises. There is no need to fear that it will slip, wrinkle or disturb while making certain positions. For this, it is important to choose the material of manufacture and the thickness of the mat.

Portability: from the house to the gym, from the gym to the house, carrying the mat should not be a nuisance. When they are lightweight mats they are easy to carry and should be, so that they can be carried in any space without being tedious.

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Breathability: the breathable mat ends up being also more comfortable. It is unpleasant to do exercises on a wet and sweaty surface. If the yoga mat material is porous and allows air to pass through, it will dry faster between each change of position.

Durability and care: The length of your yoga mat is very important. If it is of good quality a mat can be with you for up to 10 years and you get rid of the worry of changing it frequently. Also, constantly replacing it means spending money unnecessarily. The warranty is also important to keep in mind and if the mat is easy to clean and maintain.

Style and color: the style and color of your mat depend on the material of manufacture. There is a lot of variety of tones and designs to choose, for ladies and gentlemen, however, the material is important and this depends on the kind of mat you will have. They can be made of rubber, cotton or other ecological materials. There are also PVC (Vinyl Polychloride) and although its texture is soft, they are not the most recommended for being harmful to the environment and health.

The 6 best yoga mats

If you have decided to buy a yoga mat online, you can take into account these 6 recommendations that will guide you a little better to get the best yoga mat for you:

Maximo Fitness Mattress

This mat is also suitable for doing pilates, abs and stretching. Offers a lifetime warranty. It is also non-slip, resists moisture and is very easy to clean.

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It is lightweight and its dimensions are 183cm in length x 60cm in width x 1.2cm in thickness. It is somewhat thicker than usual for yoga mats but that makes it multipurpose for various exercises. It includes a handle to transport it, quite practical.

Maximo-Fitness yoga mat

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It has a thickness of 6mm, is elastic and water resistant. Among its benefits is that it is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

On the other hand, it has different textures on both sides which favor the grip to avoid falls and slips during the exercises. It includes a tape to screw and to save it. It is long enough to lie down without leaving your legs or head. Its dimensions are 1830 x 610 x 6 mm.

KeenFlex yoga mat

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DoYourFitness Yamuna

It is among the thicker mats you can find. That is why many consider comfortable, especially those suffering from back problems and joints.

Yet it is quite light, soft and helps with perspiration sweat. It is slip resistant and does not contain substances harmful to health. It’s available in various colors.

Yoga mat

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Yogistar Pro

Also biodegradable and recyclable, this yoga mat is an additional plus, because it is hypoallergenic. It is made from TPE, which also favors its degradation over time.

It is very light and its measures are 183 cm x 61 cm x 5 mm. It is quite safe, anti-slip and soft touch. The material of manufacture is vinyl, dense enough to repel liquids and sweat.

yoga mat

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Yoga mat Songmics

By practicing yoga ideally have a firm mat and this is. It has enough grip on any surface. It is neither too thick nor too thin so it is good for those who take time in the discipline.

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It is easy to clean with mild detergent and warm water. Convenient to transport it includes a carry bag. It is quite light and measures 183 x 61 x 1.0 cm.

yoga mat

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Reebok RAYG-11030DS

Special for professionals. the balance is lost with such a thin mat. This mat measures 4mm thickness, 173 x 61cm. Its preparation material is a mixture of polymer (90%) and polyester (9.9%).

To save is comfortable because it takes up little space once rolled. As a smooth surface is easy to keep clean. In addition, it is recognized the world over for its sports products.

Yoga mat

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