Celebrity endorsement for advertising has always been crucial in the world of marketing in all mediums ranging from radio, tv and the internet.  Regular folks will do anything to associate with the lives of the rich and famous celebs amongst us.  Corporations often leverage the celebrity factor to take their marketing strategy to the next level for mass consumption.  One cannot understate the market potential involved when it comes to celebrity endorsement for advertising.  From the consumer viewpoint, the bigger the star, often the deeper the influence.  People are simply obsessed with stars and the celebrity culture.  It has always been that way since the beginning of time and doesn’t look to be likely changing any soon.  Therefore, the brands that can prove a concept have the power of leveraging celebrities to take things to the next level.

Celebrity endorsements for advertising is a viable strategic option for beginning brands to establish themselves amongst the large players in their respective niches.  They can leverage the masses to increase loyalty and brand awareness.  Experienced marketers already understand that consumer buying decisions can be heavily influenced by a star’s approval of a particular product or service.  Nevertheless, celebrity endorsements don’t come cheap, even rising stars demand market value for their services.  After all, once the commercial is done – it can serve as an important marketing tool for years to come.  Deciding on which celebrity is best depends on budget and timing.  People underestimate the value of timing, look at how past Olympic athletes and professional superstars have used the significance of a world contest to launch appealing marketing campaigns.  It’s just the case that sometimes the stars align for the perfect brand and perfect athlete to come together and create magic.  Remember how Nike perfectly positioned the stellar Bo Jackson “Bo Knows” campaign to skyrocket other competing brands to take its place at the Mt. Olympus of Sports apparel, a position that it has held on to since.  There are other blockbuster stories of the huge impact possible when the right star comes at the right time to propel a brand into the stratosphere.

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According to entertainment agency, Hollywood-Madison Group, about 20% of all television commercials feature a famous celeb in some shape or form, perhaps, even features a popular voice, cartoon etc.  However, it must be said that not just any celebrity can endorse any product and have that lead to huge sales. The marketing world is full of huge successes as well as blunders too.  There are always important considerations when it comes to picking the right celebrity endorsements for advertising campaigns.  Weighing both positive and negative aspects of using celebs demands attention, all dependent upon prevailing consumer psychology and behaviorism.  Finding the right fit for a particular product or brand requires a certain degree of risk-taking and strategy. Some trial and error may be necessary before the perfect formula is found.   For both parties concerned, it makes sense for there to be a solid connection that consumers can become truly influenced by celebrity endorsements for advertising.

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