Christmas is the grandest festival . On this day, celebrate this beautiful festival with their loved ones, family, friends, colleagues and literally with everyone.

So it is a big day for children, young, adults, elderly, men, women and everyone. Celebration happens in a splendid way by  preparing delicious sweets, music,  and gifts.


We all select gifts with so much love and good wishes for all. As every relation or connection is unique, so should be the Christmas gifts for every important person in our lives.

Here we take you through a gift ideas collection to make your this decision easy. Hereby, we give you some of the fabulous gift ideas for your family, corporate clients, employees, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, mother, father, children to make this event majestic and glorious.


Gifting your corporate clients on the occasion of Christmas displays your kind gesture towards them. As our clients are the important persons of our business, offering them a small gift as token of your care is definitely going to foster a great companionship and strong long term relationship.

a boss gifts to their corporative clients

Here is a list of gift ideas for your clients that you may look at

Luxury Pen

luxury-penThis is one of the traditional gift ideas which is used in corporates. You can choose from different designs and colors which are available in the market. You can also get them customized by engraving the name of your client on it.

Click here to check out a wide range of luxury pens

Wrist Watch

wrist-watch gift for festivalIt can be an amazing and valuable gift for your esteemed corporate client.

As it comes in different designs of dials and straps, you can choose the most suitable from the following wide range.

Don’t forget to check out this link

Power Bank

Power Bank as a GiftNowadays, power banks have become must-have device especially for people in business. Also, it serves to be a useful product for people who travel a lot for their official work or projects.Gifting a power bank to your client will keep him connected with you always even when his mobile phone battery is dying. Enormous types and designs of power banks are available these days.

Have a look at the options here to find a great and reliable power bank at reasonable prices

USB Flash Disk

dg-usb-otg-driveThis can serve to be one of the perfect gifts for your clients. Having a pen drive will help you transfer and share official information, audios and videos with him. It can be of immense use to your client in his day to day office activities. Pen drives can also be customized with your company’s name that will help your client to remember you for long time.

Click here to get customized pen drives

Card Holders

card-holderThis is also one of the best Christmas gift ideas in an affordable price range. Many varieties of card holders are available in the market made up of iron, leather, plastic and in different capacities. You can get them customized too and can buy them in bulk to avail discount. Click the link to see the options to choose from

You can get them customized too and can buy them in bulk to avail discount.

Click the link to see the options to choose from

Mobile Holders

mobile-holders giftAs mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives today, a mobile holder can be a great gift for your client to place his mobile securely and continue with his work.

You can choose the best one from the different types of mobile holders available in the market.

Click here to see the options


This is a necessity for every business whether small or big. So gifting a calculator is one of the safest gift ideas for your client this Christmas. See the different types of calculators available by here


Memorandum Pads

In intricate and big businesses, there always arise a need to note down small things, details and works to be done. As the memo pads in different colours and patterns can be easily obtained, this is also a nice and vibrant gift idea for your corporate clients.


Check out the different options here

Combo Office Set

You can also gift your corporate client a combo gift set where all his official needs can be addressed. It can be customized on request and may include a set of pen holder, paper weight, a small writing pad and a New Year desk calendar.


Click here to get customized sets

Badges / Keychains

If you have a low budget and numerous clients, you can get promotional badges and key chains made with the name of your company. This is going to help you promote your company name as well.


Click here to get your options


Christmasis the best time to appreciate all the hard work and efforts of your employees that they have put all round the year.

Gifting them on this special and auspicious occasion is going to foster great ties with your employees.


It will convey your underlying feelings of love and care towards them.

Check this list to find some memorable Christmas gifts for your employees.


This can be an ideal gift for your employees as everyone buys and wears new clothes on Christmas . You can buy Pant-Shirt sets for men and Salwar Suit sets if you have women employees in your organization.

Deimille Heels

You can select different apparels available in variety of colours, designs, sizes and price range. Click the link below for more details.

Apparels on Amazon Apparels on Flipkart

Home Linen

Bed sheets, blankets, Quilts, Towel sets can be a great Christmas gift idea for your employees. Different colours and patterns make them attractive too. You can buy them in bulk as well.


Pick your choice of home linen here

Silverware/Silver Coins

Silver and gold coins are considered precious gifts for an auspicious occasion like Christmas. This has been a traditional gift idea for many years. But because affording an expensive silver and gold metal these days is becoming out of reach, you can select from less expensive silver plated items like crockery, bowls, glasses etc.


Check here (Amazon or Flipkart)to find silver and gold plated items within reasonable range


Gifting a wrist watch can be a very useful Christmas gift idea for your colleagues and employees. You can select from the different brands and price ranges available.

Gold Ring Design for Female: Review, Price & Buying Guide


Click here to see all the options

Decorative Items

Gifting a decoration piece can be a fabulous idea. Different decorative items which can be bought for your employees may be Show pieces, Table lamps, Wall Paintings etc. They can also be customized with your company’s name printed ion them.


Click here to find various decorative gift ideas

Electrical Appliances

This Christmasyou can add appliances to their home by gifting them some electrical appliances like mixer, juicer, grinder, blender, Vegetable chopper, roti maker, induction cooker, crockery items, dinner sets etc.


Click on Amazon or Flipkart to choose from wide range of electrical appliances

Mobile Phones

Gifting a mobile phone to your employee can be a marvelous idea. As numerous types of mobile phones are available these days, it is very convenient to select mobile phones in affordable prices.


Check out Mobile Phone Deals on Amazon also Check latest deals on mobiles at Flipkart

Accessories for Employees

Wallets and belts as accessories for men can be a cool gift idea. If you have women employees then you can gift them a handbag or a scarf etc. Find out more accessories by clicking the link here


Click here to check out a wide range of Accessories for Employees

Sweets and Chocolates

Christmasis considered incomplete without sweets. Gifting nicely decorated sweet packs, dry fruit or chocolate boxes, Juice packings can be a good idea within a small budget. Check out the following Christmas special gift packs.


Click here to check out a wide range of Sweets and Chocolates

Customized Gifts

Whenever you have to gift lot of employees then customizing your gift will give it a special feel within your expenditure. Examples of customized gifts can be photo frames, key chains, calendars, pens, tea mugs etc. Your employee is going to love you for this token of your love with their picture or name printed on it.


Check out customized gift items in the following link to order Customized Gifts.

Gift Cash

Employees usually receive a bonus from their employee on the occasion of Christmas. By gifting them cash, you not only help them celebrate their Christmas well but also generate their love and trust for yourself. This is the perfect way to appreciate their handwork and sincerity towards their company.


As your employee forms the significant part of your organization, this is the right time to reciprocate their love and care towards you, which also strengthens the bond between two.


A woman is one person without whom a man’s life is incomplete. She has an important place in man’s life.


Someone has rightly said, “a woman’s loyalty is tested when a man has nothing but a man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.” As she is going to stand by your side through all your life’s ups and downs, make sure you also bring joy to her life whenever you can. What can be better occasion other than Christmas when you can gift something unique to your partner which she can cherish forever. Best gifts for her can be


What can be better than a great piece of jewellery which adds a beauty to the ‘beauty’ of your life? As women love diamonds, a diamond ring, necklace, earrings or bangles can be a great idea if it fits well in your finances.

gift for girlfriend or wife

This gift can make her shine like a diamond herself. These days, some of designer jewellery articles are available in market which are not only beautiful but are also in affordable price range. Designer anklets can also be a great idea for her precious soft feet.

A Great Outfit

Be it any occasion, women just love to get dressed up. You can buy a designer dress or an ethnic outfit that can add shine and sparkle to her beauty this Christmas. You can widen her smile by gifting her the apparel in her favorite colour.


 Dazzling Watch

Gifting an elegant watch will surely bring a radiant smile on her face. A watch with a beautiful dial in a silver or golden colour can give your girl a distinctive look.


She will be the happiest person to get this watch as it will make her stand out bright.

 Favorite Fragrance

Every women loves a unique fragrance. If you know her favourite brand, you are surely going to be her favourite person of the day. A woman stands out confidently when complemented with a great fragrance which adds aura to her overall personality.

the-body-shop-white-musk-smoky-rose-fragrance-gift-set-one-sizeCosmetics and Vanity Box

Rarely a women will step out without her that confident look. Gifting a kit loaded with her favourite brand of cosmetics is definitely going to make her Christmas a special one.


It can include branded Lip Gloss or Lipstick, Eyeliner, Eye-shadows, Bindi, Sindoor, Kajal, Foundation, mMascara, Hairpins and clips etc.

Hair Styling Kit

If your girlfriend likes to play with her hair, then an all-inclusive hair stylist equipment can be a fabulous idea.


She can give her hair a completely new look or style to look gorgeous. I am sure it is going to get her lot of compliments this Christmas.

Stylish Handbag

A trendy and stylish handbag is an essential component of every woman’s wardrobe. Gifting her an extraordinary designer handbag can be a great idea.Nowadays, a wide range of branded handbags is available online as well.


Mobile Phone

Women just love to talk and for that reason a mobile phone is going to be one fantastic idea especially when thought of changing her old mobile is already there on her mind.


Keeping in mind the features and kind of utility, you can pick a mobile phone of her favourite brand and choicest features.

Mobile Cover

If your girl has hinted you that she is planning to change her mobile case or planning to buy a new cover, then it can be an idea worth taking.


You can easily buy a stylish mobile cover as stylish as your girl is.

Laptop Skin

If your woman works, travels and uses a laptop regularly, a cool laptop skin is definitely going to add to her style.


Catchall Stand

A catchall stand will be a nice gift for the women who are looking for a medium to organize their gadgets well.

Beautifully Sexy Tunic Tops To Team Up with Leggings for Women


If your woman is working and travels a lot then it can be the perfect place for her to keep her important gadgets all together at one place.

She can stash her mobile phone, watch, belt, car keys etc in it.


This Christmas you can bring her a stylish frames to suit her style. A pair of sunglasses with a unique style and her colour of liking can be bought for her as a cool Christmas present.


Spa or Salon Gift Card

All women whether working or not, whether young or middle aged, they like to be pampered well. Their desire is better catered at a salon and spa.


You can gifting her a salon/spa gift card or voucher of her favourite place.

Home Appliances

A woman is the backbone of every house as she takes care of all our needs. Bringing a new washing machine, refrigerator, microwave etc. is surely a great way to tell her that you care.


Whenever she will use it, it will always remind her of the comfort that you bring in her life.

Cookware Set

Whenever you get back home tired and hungry, she is always ready to serve you with hot delicious food.


Buying a cookware set is going to help her rediscover her cooking skills and prepare your favourite recipes For Christmas .

A pair of Shoes

You can get her a pair of shoes if you know her foot size. This is definitely going to surprise her as she sees her stylish shoes coming.


You can choose the shoe type as per her liking. Nowadays, numerous designs and styles are available in shoes to select from.

Small Budget Ideas

If you want to gift something inexpensive and within your budget then you can choose something from following:

  • A box of chocolates and cards nicely packed with “I love You” card or note,
  • A bouquet of her favorite flowers with your love message,
  • A leather belt,
  • A beautiful scarf to match her outfit,
  • A heart shaped cake in her well-liked flavor
  • A dinner date at her favorite restaurant and
  • A surprise movie date

Though they are small gifts but equally precious and surely going to touch her heart.

With all these gifts, give your time and love to them that is going to make their day a memorable one.


Every great men has a woman beside him who constantly supports him. She can convey her love and care through certain small gestures. It is a common thought that picking up a nice gift for a man is difficult.

wife giving surprise gift to husband

Let me help you in buying a meaningful gift for your man this Christmas

A mobile phone

This is a cool gift to give to your gadget lover boyfriend or husband. Pick up the latest mobile with the features which will be of immense usage to him.


You can review different options available here

A Laptop

If your guy has been looking for a laptop since while and you know his choice already, then this is surely going to bring a long lasting smile on his face.


He will simply love your surprise of getting his favorite one for him.

A Stylish Watch

A man’s look is not complete without a great watch that is going to enhance his looks. Buying a watch that matches with his outfit and the style her likes is going to make his day special.


An Apparel

On the occasion of Christmas , you can buy an ethnic outfit for him like Sherwani or a stylish Kurta to wear during worship.


If he does not like traditional attire much, buying a collared jacket or a nice shirt can be a great idea.

His Favorite Perfume

A fragrance of his favourite brand is an ideal gift for a man who has discernible liking for perfumes.


So, you do not need to give another thought on this idea. Click here to find out the fragrances best suited for your man

A Trendy Wallet

Wallet is the most important thing of a man’s day whenever he steps out. He keeps his money, all his essential papers and a pic of his beloved in his wallet.

best gift on diwali

Avail this option to buy a trendy and spacious wallet for him here

A Pair of Shoes

Buying a pair of shoes of his favourite brand will be a great addition to his existing shoe wardrobe. If you know whether he is looking for sports shoes, casual shoes or formal shoes then you can easily choose from some of the following cool options:


Sports Equipment or Kit

If your boyfriend or husband is a sportsperson, you have a wide range of nice gifts to select from. If he plays badminton, you can buy a branded racquet of his choice, a cricket bat if he loves playing cricket, golf stick, a sports kit to keep his sports equipment etc.


Have a look at the variety of sportswear to choose from:

Movie / Music Instrument

If your guy is music lover then you are extremely lucky to find an appropriate gift for him.


You can buy his favorite music or movie CD, DVD or a playing instrument like a music player, Bluetooth speaker, a good quality headphones etc. Click below to see more choices

Favorite Book

If he has been longing to read a particular book or novel, then you can easily order that online a few days before the occasion only.

If he has liking for a specific sports magazine, you can gift him a yearly subscription. See the latest books, novels and magazines here

A Gym Membership

If your boyfriend or husband is a fitness freak, gifting him a gym membership can prove to be a highly prized thought. It will help him stay fit and healthy.


Buy a gym membership here

A Bottle of Champagne

Buying a bottle of champagne with a love note can be a great idea to celebrate your love for him. If he likes champagne, this is going to be a lovely idea.


You can order your choice here

A Sweet / Chocolate Box

Girls you are very lucky if your guy has a sweet tooth. You can gift him a box of his favorite sweets or chocolates which he is going to relish throughout the festival celebration.


Click here to find your box of sweetness:

Dinner Date

This could be a great surprise for your boyfriend or husband to take him out on a dinner date at restaurant of his choice. Reserve your table here and show your love for your man:This is your best opportunity to shower your love and care for your man. So don’t let this chance slip away without making your man feel special.

Different Types Of Men's Collared Shirts - Real Men Real Style


Appreciate him by buying an amazing gift for him this Diwali.


It has been truly said that no one can replace a mother in anyone’s life. She is the only person who sacrifices her everything to bring even a small joy in our life.


Show her that you love and care for her equally by bringing a wonderful gift for her this Christmas . Top list of special Christmas gifts for your mother is here

An Ornament

Buy a diamond ring, pendant, earrings or a gold bangle for your mother to thank her for all her life that she bestows on you.


You can buy a sterling piece of jewellery for your mother here

A Pretty Dress

Give your mother a pretty dress or a dress material like Salwar suit or Saree which she likes. This will help her rejuvenate her beauty this Christmas .

Best drees for mom

Click here to select a great dress or an apparel of her favourite brand

An Elegant Watch

Remind your mother of your love for her every time she looks to see the time. Gift her with an elegant watch this Christmas to put her gaze at.


Click here to view designer and branded watches on Amazon

A Stylish Handbag

Gifting a branded and trendy handbag in her dearest colour can be a trendy gift idea for your mother. She is going to treasure it for long.


Click here to check out the stylish handbags on Amazon

Cookware/ Recipe Book

Indian mothers take a great delight in cooking something special for their children on special occasions. If she loves cooking, then this is going to be the best gift for her this Christmas .


Click here to see the wide range of cookware

Surprise Dinner or Movie Outing

Honor your mother this Christmas  by taking her out for a surprise dinner date or a movie date. Here is your link to reserve a table for her at her favourite eating joint


Click here to buy your movie vouchers/ tickets at special discount

Cake and Bouquet

Surprising your mother by a cake of her admired flavour and a bouquet of her adored flowers when she answers a doorbell. Order here for a free delivery of cake and bouquet at your mother’s place

Whichever gift you choose for a mother, she is going to like it for sure as it is something valuable from her children denoting their love and care for her.


Complimenting your gift with a beautiful note “Love you mother” is surely going to trigger her emotions and love for you.


A father is someone who remains there for you forever. He keeps adding shine to your life quietly without making his presence felt.

This is the right time to thank him and honour him for being your pillar of strength and guiding light at all walks of life.

Grab a wonderful gift for your strongest person, your hero this Christmas . Here is the list of gift ideas for your father

A Traditional Dress

Pick a great attire for your father this Christmas so that he can enjoy the celebration of this festival in his traditional way.

Buying a stylish jacket, ethnic Kurta or warm apparel can be a great idea. Click here to select from the different options

A Stylish Watch

He has nurtured you to face all the times of your life with courage. Now it is your time to wish him beautiful time with a great watch.

Click here to view the watches

A Mobile Phone / Gadget

Bring joy in his life by buying a new gadget for him. If he loves to play games online, you can gift him a gadget like a tablet or iPad to download and play his favourite games


If your father loves to indulge in some sports, this is the best time to help him take his game to a new level.

Buy a sports equipment or a sports kit bag for his daily sports activities. Choose from the options here

Digital Camera

If your father loves to click, this is the best occasion to gift him with latest digital camera. Give him a chance to catch all the beautiful moments this Christmas .

He can capture memories for his lifetime.  Click here to grab the latest Digicam for your father

Tool Kit

Gifting a toolkit to your father would be a great idea if he enjoys fixing things at home himself. He will cherish his this hobby to the fullest.

Find a great DIY tool kit for your dad here

A Bottle of Wine

Bringing a bottle of whiskey, bear or vodka can be a nice gift for your dad. He can celebrate this day with a bottle of his favourite wine. Click here to order one with his liking

Gift a Trip

As he has toiled hard all his life to create a better future for you, this is your time to gift him a trip with his friends to see the world and enjoy his time now. Click to buy holiday packages for your loved one

Give your father a gift of lifetime which is going to stay in his heart as great memories of you and the lovely time you spent with him this Christmas . Celebrate the life of your Hero on this day and preserve this special bond forever.


You can be distant from your loved one this Christmas but still can send all your wishes, love and gifts to them.  You can send your gift by ordering a service online at Amazon and Flipkart for your relatives staying in different regions of the world. Click here for more details.

Christmas is that special time of the year when you forget all your worries and get coloured in the colours of Christmas celebration with your loved ones, family and friends. As they mean a world to you, bring lot of joy and happiness in their lives this Christmas !

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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