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A cordless phone is basically a device radius that is connected without wires to a base, which in turn is connected to the telephone network Local (fixed). Usually, it has a range of 100 meters or less from its base station and operates at frequencies.

The telephone base needs to be connected to both a fixed line and plugged into a power electric current; the phone works by rechargeable batteries which are usually loaded to leave it at its base when not in use.In addition, the cordless telephone can also be connected to a telephone exchange, an intercom that does not use a landline telephone line. The control panel operates several cordless phones with each other.

cordless phone

What is cordless phone

A cordless telephone is a telephone that consists of a remote handset that communicates by radio waves with a base connected to a telephone line. Generally, that line has a limited scope to its base, that usually is of 100 meters.

The base is located in the same place of residence of the user and its way of connecting to the telephone network is the same used by another traditional telephone. Its popularity is because it allows its use in any part of the place of scope, without being limited to a certain place if it was connected by cable.

George Sweigert, an Ohio inventor who was also a radio operator, was credited as the wireless phone creator. It was granted the patent in 1969. In 1980, they just launched into the consumer market. They used a base connected to a telephone line and a headset with microphone, talker, numeric keypad and telescopic antenna. The headset, moreover, had a rechargeable battery, which operated by the electricity of the house. The headset was placed on a charging pedestal connected by cable while not in use.

Since then, many companies have manufactured several cordless phones with new features, many provided by the telephone and others provided by the telephone network.

Today’s cordless phones work in much the same way. They have a base connected to the fixed network and also to the electricity through a cable. As for the handset, it has a numeric keypad, call viewer, microphone, etc. Works with AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.

These batteries are charged every time the handset rests on its base or stand when not in use. The choice of these batteries is much cheaper than the ones used before. For the communication, frequencies are used that can be of 900 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz and 5.8 Ghz. In general, a higher frequency is recommended for better audio quality, although this is not necessarily so; Most important is the quality of antennas, signal strength, the method used for modulation in the transmission and interference in the place where the phone is used. Some of the more modern models are digital, which significantly improves the quality and clarity of sound.

A cordless phone can present various features to improve its service. They can store a certain number of last calls for the user to have a record of them. They can also function as an agenda, with a capacity that varies by phone.

They can have a certain amount of ringing sounds and have volume control. Other technologies allow voice enhancement, headset localization, automatic channel scanning, any key answer, recorder, etc.

Different types of Cordless Phones


Basic cordless phones are the simplest and basically consist of a base and a handset. In addition to the basic functions of a telephone have many other options, such as LCD display, caller ID, volume control, keyboard on the base, possibility to use it for desktop or turn it into wall phone, redial, ability to memorize numbers, Hands-free speakerphone, call barring for unwanted numbers, headphone output, possibility to choose between pulse or tone and registration of received, made and missed calls.

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Expandable wireless phones are those whose base station allows you to connect several wireless terminals instead of a single device, which is called an expandable wireless connection. They usually come with several terminals, up to ten in some cases. One of the wireless terminals connects directly to the base while the rest have their own charging bases. These types of cordless phones, in addition to the features and features of a basic cordless phone, include very interesting options for large families and offices such as call waiting, caller ID or the ability to function as an intercom system between different terminals, Allowing free calls between the different headsets connected to the same base.

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Fixed base

Fixed base wireless phones are very similar to expandable ones, as they allow multiple wireless terminals to be connected to the base simultaneously, but have the peculiarity that the base station telephone is a cable telephone, while the Rest are wireless. They have the same functions as the expandable cordless phones.

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With answering machine

Cordless telephones with integrated answering machines are characterized by a built-in digital answering machine, which generally allows the storage of up to 20 minutes or more of voice messages with time recording. In addition to the answering function, they usually have functions similar to those of the expandable cordless phones.

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