girl-with-phoneIn the hi-tech life we are living, mobile phones have become the part and parcel of our lives. Over a period of time, the frequency of use of mobile phones has increased tremendously. Our dependency on mobile phones has increased.

There is absolutely no doubt on the fact that mobile phones are effective source of quick and reliable communication, but it is also a well-known fact that over use of mobile phones has made individuals isolated from one another.

Let’s say, if there is a huge gathering of people as in the party, many of them are busy with their mobile phones. Some of them are texting to other people, whereas several of them are in direct communication with other people.

Several studies have shown that mobile phones are the precursors to many lethal diseases including the cancer.  Some of the prominent diseases are insomnia, headaches, high fever, brain tumor and several more.
Listed below are the dangerous effects of over use of mobile phones on human body:

Human Interaction is reduced

The individuals who show increased dependency on mobile phones will not be able to interact with other human beings. This would eventually result into isolation. One individual will not be able to interact with another one and the situation begins to go out of place. The direct and effective communication just gets over and what is ultimately left is virtual communication. Make sure that you minimize the use of mobile phones.
Make sure that you do not over use the mobile phone. It is also important that you switch off the mobile phone and keep it at a distance, if you are not using it for long. Saving yourself from the mobile bound diseases is in your hands and you should take care of it.

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Lethargy and Laziness

Overuse of mobile phones causes severe lethargy and laziness and this in return causes havoc. Nobody likes a lazy person. The reason why any person becomes lazy is that the individual will have all the communication facilities in his/her hand and he/she will not have to move around physically to communicate with any person. In short, the physical movement is restricted and this eventually causes lethargy.


Many of the individuals who use mobile phones in their daily lives at an aggressive rate develop sleeplessness or the insomnia. Results have shown that insomnia has severe direct health effects on human body and it causes several types of problems. A radiation of around 884 MHz. is sufficient enough to cause the insomnia. A person who shows signs of sleeplessness also shows mental fatigue and several other potentially strong signs.

Loss of Attention

Studies clearly point that people who use mobile phones in access are likely to show the signs of loss in concentration and focus. The aggressive users of mobile phones are les attentive and all the more physical as well as psycho motor apparatus of individuals is seriously affected. Furthermore, it is also a fact that mobile phones are burden on health and our psychological thinking too.  As we concentrate on talking, we lose the concentration. This is where the real problems begin to play the role.

Brain Tumor

Mobile transmits electromagnetic radiations and these power radiations have the capability to change the cell and tissue organization quite quickly without even showing any reactions. Since brain cells are sensitive and show irreparable damage, the electromagnetic radiations is likely to cause the cell mutation. It is this cell mutation which causes onset of brain cancer and several other diseases.

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Increase in Body Temperature

Medical researches clearly point that excessive use of mobile phones results in the rise of body temperature. It is significant to note here is that mobile phones make use of radio frequencies to communicate with the base stations. These radio frequencies have string thermal effect, as the result of which the body temperature rises immensely and this causes the problems to begin with. Studies have also shown that the RF radiations which ultimately emanate from the mobile phones will increase the temperature of the brain by few fractions. There are health risks associated with the increase in the body temperature.

Lethal Road Accidents

Excessive use of mobile phones is fast becoming one of the principal causes of road accidents. Statics show that there are increasing numbers of fatalities in the road accidents in the recent time and majority of them have been linked to the use of mobile phone while driving.  Drivers who are in the habit of using mobile phones during driving concentrate more on talking instead of driving and as the result of which probability of accidents increase phenomenally beyond the recognition. Due to increased use of mobile phones, there have been lethal road accidents on roads.

Development of Tumors in Mouth

Mobile phones has become one of the integral parts of our lives.  Most of us use mobiles to talk and many times there is no genuine reason behind talking. Recent medical studies conducted on several human specimens have shown that excess of use of mobile phones will lead to the development of mouth cancer. It has also shown that mouth cancer causes potential damages in the parotid glands that are located in the close vicinity of jaw and ear. Therefore, it is always recommended to use mobile phones only when there is need of its use and not otherwise.

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