The blogs are also popularly known as Online Journal. There was a time when internet was the latest and coolest thing. And everyone wanted one website they owned, their very own personalized website. But as time passed and blogs came into existence, lot of people turned towards the blogs. The question here is why? Here, in this article we will tell what the difference between blogs and the websites is.

Let talk similarities first:
Before pointing out the difference between the two we would like you to know what is same about the both. Both can be accessed by typing an URL in the internet browser that means both have web address. Both of these need to depend upon a host to stay on World Wide Web and providing information. One more interesting similarity between the two is that both can be managed by anyone from anywhere. Both the sites want as much readers for their site as they can get. Both of them support adding pictures, music, videos and information.

The difference:
In a website the data or information provided is not changed very often. But in Blogs you can even find some bloggers who make changes in their blogs several times a day. One of the major difference between the two is that the website maintenance is not a piece of cake, one need a very good knowledge on HTML and other computer languages plus how to handle a website. While in blog, one doesn’t need any special talent to maintain it. It’s very easy to maintain a blog but not the same for the websites.

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One can get a free blog from many website like Blogger or WordPress. You just have to sign up with basic information and a title for your blog and your blog is created. While starting a websites needs to buy a domain name then hire a web developer to maintain its site. Blogs are more of communicating thing, it encourages readers to read the article they post make a comment or discuss it with them. In website, which is basically known for providing information it’s not always an option to communicate though you can find many websites these days that leave space for commenting or dropping email ids.

Websites are important for industrial companies and organizations but they to have a category which says “Blog” on their websites. Blog is for everyone, a teenager uses it as a journal, a mom writes about its recipes and kids and day-to-day life experience. While some use blog for providing some serious information to the readers. It is a journal which everybody wants.

Final Words:
Websites are important for the companies for its reputation and to let people know “what’s new” with the company or organization. Blogs are unique with each individual carrying and sharing their own identity and thoughts. Not only sharing with others, also getting their opinion. Both are equally important in today’s world.

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