With Valentine’s day (14th Feb) just a few days away, couples often take the journey to the sweet memory lane and think about the first few months of their relationships- the first dating, first kiss and of course, the first Valentine’s day.

But just like anything else, how we spend Valentine’s day also changes with the age.

It’s a fact that people of their 40s, 50s, and 60s care about this special day as much as younger generations do and it becomes just a matter of how they spend this day. So, instead of focusing on the typical gifts like pieces of jewelry and other costly gifts, people start to consider more on the gift of gesture or gifts with emotional values.

Regardless of the age, you should not take any risk or make an assumption when it comes to buying Valentine’s day gifts India. Listen to your partner’s wants and needs and try to create an experience centered around that- for example, if your partner just had a very tough month, treat him or her with a lovely spa date or an excellent breakfast on the bed. You should do anything that will make things less stressful for your loved one.

Now, this article tells you about how people from different age group celebrate Valentine’s day by selecting the ideal gift option for each other

Valentine’s day in the 20s:

It’s about celebrating the day of love in your teenage years. The 20’s people mainly prefer to go for an outing with their partners with a potential for a secure future. People in this particular age group are more likely to exaggerate Valentine’s day and evaluate their relationship based on their size and price of the gifts.

Ideal gifts: anything ranging from a romantic singing telegram to the latest gadgets.

Valentine’s day in your 30s:

In your 30s things get a little more serious, and the maturity level of the people tend to even out. In this particular span of age, couples come to realize that love comes with the responsibility and they are more likely to take things seriously about settling down if they haven’t already. In your 30s, Valentine’s day gifts may not matter that much.

Ideal gifts: a romantic gateway or some sweet gestures will have more impact than a piece of jewelry or a box of chocolates.

Valentine’s Day in your 40s:

By the time you get to reach the age group of 40s, it’s not just about love. In this age group, people in the relationship want to be loved, respected and understood. If you are dating in your 40s, you will be more open-minded and patient with the person you are interested in.

Ideal Gifts: something small but interesting-like a cozy dinner or a beautiful piece of the jewelry item will speak volume. If your loved one stays in India, you can quickly send a heart-touching Valentine’s gift to India from a reputed online gift store.

Valentine’s day in your 50s:

In the 50s, the love and Valentine’s day become more unconditional- you’ve already been in the relationship for a long time, and you know each others pluses and minuses. Couples in this age group are more likely to respect each others needs and wants.

Ideal gifts: Planning a gateway together will be more appreciable than any materialistic gifts.

Valentine’s day in your 60s:

By the time you are in your 60s, Valentine’s day won’t be a priority of your life. In this age group, love is all about accepting people as they are and enjoying the little things of life.

Ideal Gifts: Any gifts from your grandchildren will warm your heart and try to arrange one in this way for your better half also.


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