What Exactly is WeOne app?

You must be thinking of what is weone app..it is a boon to everyone having a simple smartphone.. be it a student or a business person.. some extra bucks.. are always welcome.. isn’t it? It is an amazing app that runs on both apple and android phones through which you can earn up to 10 levels with zero investment and for this you have to watch just 3 videos regularly in a day. Moreover you need not to search anywhere else to watch those videos you will get them in your application itself.

These videos are same as the advertisements that you watch on TV but there you don’t get any rewards or money for watching them but here you will be rewarded for watching those videos. So what can be better than this that you are getting paid for just watching only three videos in a day.

This best part of this application is that it provides you the easiest way to earn money in short time as whenever you are free you can watch any promotional advertisement and you will get points for that moreover the amount of points get double if you refer it to your friends for doing same process. By just watching three videos in day which will not take more than five minutes per video you can earn huge amount of Rs. 15,000 or more in a month.

Therefore this is a golden opportunity for all of them who want to earn rewards in short time because you can easily do this during your leisure time or also in working hours as it won’t take your much time. You can either do this as your side job for an extra income or as a full time job.

Now as you know a little bit about this app let’s go through the procedure and different things in detail about this app that you should know for your better understanding before diving into the process. So here are the few points that we have mentioned to answer your queries and these points will tell you of how to generate revenue by simply watching videos on your smartphones:

Do anyone can earn money through WeOne application?

So the answer is yes anyone who is willing to earn money can use this app easily and it will not charge any extra penny to use this app. But there are few things which are required to earn money through this application are as follows:

  1. The very basic and first need to use this application is that your phone must support Android or iOS operating system.
  2. Second and the primarily thing is that you must have internet connection in your phone because you have to watch videos online for which internet connection is needed.
  3. The last and final thing which is needed is the bank account in which your collected amount will be transferred. However if you do not have a personal account then you can connect a different bank account of your friend or any family member in which the money will get transferred and then you can take that money for your use.

A wonderful way to earn in just 90seconds - WeOne App

How to download & Install the WeOne app?

WeOne is an application which can be downloaded easily on any kind of smartphone which supports Android or iOS operating system. Any person who is willing to stay connected with his\her contacts or want to earn extra money for his personal expenses, savings or due to any other reason can download the app and earn money.

Simply follow this link:


The major point is that to download this app you need to have a referral code. So here we are.. The referral code for my dear readers is: gpqw7

Steps to Join and Use WeOne app?

Joining WeOne app is a simple process for which you just need to follow few simple steps:

First step: Search for play store app on your phone.

Second step: Then there type WeOne in search bar and click on enter button.

Third step: After finding the WeOne application click on Install button and once it get installed click on the open button to start the application.

Fourth Step: Once the application starts it will ask you for few signup details such as your Full Name, Email Id, D.O.B and Refer Id in which you have to fill gpqw7 it is a refer id of your sponsor.

Fifth step: After filling all these details click on agree option through which you are mentioned to agree with all the terms and conditions of this application.

Sixth step: So once you go with agree option it will ask you to enter your phone number which will be further verified through an OTP.

Seventh step: Then after verifying yourself through an OTP number go to home page. Now click on Today’s Add 3 and watch 3 advertisements of a day.

Eighth step: Now after watching three videos of a day follow the same process again after every 24 hours and if you won’t complete the work of watching three videos in day then you won’t be able to get commission from your team.

Note: Under the advertisements section after clicking on Video watch full video as it’s compulsory to watch whole video then only you will be rewarded otherwise you won’t get any points.

What are its plans?

Full Income plan of WeOne application and how much you can earn through it:

There is an income plan of WeOne application according which commission is distributed into 10 levels as follows:

LEVEL                                                                                                             EARNING%

  1. Unlimited Direct Joining                                                                                    20%
  1. Level2                                                                                                              08%
  2. Level3                                                                                                              06%
  3. Level4                                                                                                              05%
  4. Level5                                                                                                              04%
  5. Level6                                                                                                              03%
  6. Level7                                                                                                              02%
  7. Level8                                                                                                              01%
  8. Level9                                                                                                              01%
  9. Level10                                                                                                            10%

Has Anyone Yet Been Benifited with WeOne App?

The answer to this million dollar question is Yes. I myself have tried it. It has been just three days and without much ado, see what I have earnt:

You can see I have a few nos in subsequent levels.. Still.. With just 3 days and 3 adds per day.. I have earned 13.33 Rupees.

So now you know the trick: Simply refer more and more to your friends via, facebook, whatsapp or anything else that suits you to connect with people around. Earn more and make your loved one earn too!








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