In our Indian culture the rangoli art has started many more years ago to adorn the house on almost all kinds of Hindu religious occasions, weddings, family functions and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi etc. Although we have seen many variations in rangoli arts and design with the changing time but its significance is still same. Rangoli is a creative artwork that has been changing and getting better with the years of experience. Nowadays where we use different colored chalk powder, lime stone powder and designs to make beautiful rangoli designs while traditionally rice flour was used by people to make rangoli designs as the rice flour is something that works as a food for insects and birds.

Significance of Rangoli:

  • Rangoli is an art that is designed on floor by ladies to adorn their house for any kind of celebration. Some people prefer to make rangoli designs inside the house in a hall while some opt for outside the house at the entrance.
  • Rangoli is not only an art work to decorate the house but also it is a way to show our traditional values and ethics for our culture.
  • In our Hindu region rangoli is considered as a sign to welcome the guest with the attractive and elegant looking colors and designs.
  • Rangoli is very popular folk art all over the world especially in India where it has given different names according to the different states and their religious beliefs such as in Tamil Nadu it is known as Kolam, in West Bengal it is known as Alpona, in Karnataka it is known as Muggitu, in Andhra Pradesh it is known as Muggulu, in Rajasthan it is known as Mandana and so on.
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Exclusive ravishing Rangoli designs for this Diwali:

Diwali is that one auspicious festival in which people across the country deck up their homes with bright illuminating lights, flowers and various elegant and colorful rangoli designs. In Hindu religion Diwali is one such occasion which is celebrated with so much of excitement and happiness every year.


I am sure everyone wants to decorate their house the best with beautiful rangoli ideas. Every time Diwali comes everyone thinks of doing something new and innovative which will make the house look absolutely different from others.

If you are also looking for some easy yet amazing rangoli designs which consists of some basic colorful design with the details of flowers, diyas  and other designs then have a look on few of these rangoli designs:

Peacock rangoli Design:

Peacock rangoli design is the most common and attractive rangoli which people make on lots of occasions and wedding functions. The peacock design is like a visual treat exploring so many bright and vibrant colors in it.



Diya rangoli Design:

Diwali is a festival renowned for the diya decorations that people do. In diya rangoli design you can assemble diyas with rangoli to create most amazing designs. We make diyas with the use of chalks or colorful powders or instead of making a diya design you can also use real diyas to lighten up the place.


Floral rangoli Design:

Floral rangoli designs are easy to make and look ravishing as well if made using bright and shinning colors. Floral designs are the most vibrant one and you can experiment a lot with different floral patterns.

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Geometric rangoli Design:

If you are beginner and want to start with an easy design that is easy to make and look classy also then make this brilliant geometric design.



Rangoli with sand Design:

The splendid thing about this rangoli is that we use dull grey shades of sand and sand is given a color and dried. For special effects you can use colorful stones to make your rangoli a unique one.

Rangoli with sand Design


Abstract rangoli Design:

Traditional rangolis are the style statement for the decorations on diwalis nowadays however giving it a tint of modern and creative look you can try these abstract rangoli designs.



Alpana rangoli Design:

This rangoli is made by grinded paste of rice. This rangoli is mostly made on the occasion of Deepawali to welcome Goddess Laxmi. You can make this rangoli with the help of only three members.

Alpana rangoli Design


Floating rangoli Design:

This is the most unique and modern form of rangoli in which diyas, flowers, candles float on water. You can even use water colors to give it a more beautiful look.


Swastika rangoli Design:

Swastika rangoli is the most eye-catching rangoli design. The swastika sign is drawn in center combining it with splash of bright colors.



Corner rangoli Design:

You can make this rangoli at your puja place. In the corner you can place a big antique diya or God idols and then make an exotic rangoli covering it.


Dotted rangoli Design:

In this rangoli the design is made by making dots in equal lines and numbers creating different shapes like star, rectangle, circle etc. later these shapes are filled with eye catching colors and you get the most traditional designs for your house this Diwali.

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Flower petals rangoli Design:

Beautiful petals of different flowers are used for this design. The eye-pleasing colors and refreshing fragrance of flowers will tempt you to try this new and trendy rangoli design.


Kundan rangoli Design:

Use kundan stones and beads to make an embellished rangoli design for your house this Diwali. You can place a wax diya in center and in the outer shape you can use different innovative designs using kundan beads.


Simple round rangoli Design:

Simple round rangoli designs is the perfect option for beginners in which we make circular or semi-circular patterns consisting of various minute designs such as flowers, peacocks and diyas. It looks astonishing if made using bright color combinations.

simple-round-rangoli-design-rangoli-for-diwali-2016Glass rangoli Design:

Glass rangoli is that one creative which you can easily use at your home. It doesn’t require any extra efforts in this you just need to put together the ready-made painted glass in a certain shape.


Rice rangoli Design:

In rice rangoli design we use different colored rice to make excellent, attractive designs consisting of diyas, flowers and chalk powder as well. It looks beautiful and unique as compared to other rangoli designs.


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