The ring is not a simple accessory, as that can reveal small circular object commitments, achievements or beliefs. Regardless of the type of ring, that is, when it takes one tries to give a message to the world.

 For years, men have led status signal rings, wealth, commitment, and partnership. And wear a ring can mean you’re married or you’re a graduate school, who belong to a fraternal brotherhood or you are in a culture where they are not afraid to show wealth in their hands.The main purpose of this guide is to help you use rings with confidence.First let’s go through symbolism and guidelines for use of the particular finger rings.

The little finger

It is often the first choice of a man who wants to wear an engagement ring. Pinkie rings have some advantages because unlike the ring finger is not associated with religion or culture.And although Hollywood is associated with organized crime, there is no substantial evidence that can prove that wearing a ring on this finger means you’re a mafioso.Use the ring on the little finger tends to be the “most active” or striking design, it is the perfect place to put things when you place attention.The symbolism associated with astrology little finger associated with mercury and qualities of intelligence, insight, and persuasiveness. That is, when a ring is worn on the little finger of the active hand is associated with the intellect with an excellent ability to express themselves.However, if you take it in the passive hand he shows a strong intuition and a great capacity to listen.

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Ring finger

In most of North and South America, the ring finger is commonly associated with the commitment of marriage. Almost all men choose to wear a simple engagement ring, in any case, a big ring with a jewel or a design in three dimensions is unlikely that relates to his marital status.Symbolically, the ring finger is associated with the sun, the source of creativity and beauty, as well as with love relationships.Another possible reason culturally engagement rings are promoted on this finger is because it is the only finger that is believed to have an uninterrupted artery leading to the heart, creating a direct connection which means an eternal union.

The middle finger

This finger is characterized as the largest and the most daring, it is rare that people wear a ring on this finger. However, this is partly because it is adjacent to the index finger and anything bulky, so it can be an obstacle for manual tasks.If you are considering using a ring on the middle finger, it’s best to bring a small and simple ring.Use a ring on this finger can make you feel more comfortable, more central, robust and “manly”.Because of its central location, the middle finger is maintained as a symbol of the structure, balance, awareness, order and is associated with Saturn. The metal of Saturn is lead, simple metals like steel gray are common choices for the middle finger.

The index finger

The index finger is the most used, and bring a ring on this finger does not interfere much as carry one with him.Hundreds of years ago, the most common for a man to use ring place was the index finger, as it generally was seen as a seal. That is why the index finger is a good place to wear class rings, rings or fraternal family.Astrological Association for the index finger is Jupiter, which symbolizes power, leadership, and authority. Men who wear a ring on that finger was thought to be people without complexes and with confidence.

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The thumb

Use your thumb rings tends to give an impression a little extravagant for people conventional American culture. In most societies, a man with thumb ring is a symbol of wealth or influence.Because the thumb separated from the other four fingers, shows the alignment of classes, so it’s a good finger to choose rings that symbolize something that makes you different.A thumb ring is used on the active side, plus it generally indicates an assertive personality.This finger has a global association, but it looks as if placed between Venus and Mars. Therefore, it is a symbol of strength, character, identity, will and self-confidence. Even for wear rings and here there are some rules you present them.

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