Walking the contemporary urban man for the big cities requires often carry very comfortable and discrete portfolios without losing the style classic and sober .

Today I propose a short selection of the five portfolios that I think should be the first to be chosen for any man looking for something practical, comfortable and tasteful.

Arizona Wallet

Arizona wallet


Classic Design type folder with ability to load four credit cards and a section for notes.It is in brown cowhide and stitched by hand.

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Minimalist 2- Capsule Wallet

Minimalist 2- Capsule Wallet

This format portfolio can be very convenient and comfortable for its small size. Often this type of portfolio format “card” not allowed to carry many things but this is precisely the aim of the same. Carry the essentials, without superfluities without charge all his life in a portfolio.

The Minimalist can hold three credit cards along with several tickets which makes it very convenient.

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Simplistic of Collective MSTRMND Wallet


This portfolio is more like a card which makes it very easy to carry in the pocket of your pants. It is made of skin, cooked by hand and has the characteristic of being able to move the cards with the thumb through a central opening in one side.

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Heritage Hardgraft Wallet

Heritage Hardgraft

Hardgraft proposes this card holder-portfolio with an original design whose opening is vertical compared to the more classic versions whose opening is horizontal. It has a closure with a little cords made of cotton which makes all-natural and very original.

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Seatbelt Wallet

Seatbelt wallet

This portfolio has a traditional way in the distribution of spaces. Indeed, it has two compartments to carry eight credit cards and two spaces to place small documents and a space for notes.

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The design is quite original and reminiscent of a safety belt plane and the cloth material with which it is made.

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