Cold sores give you an unpleasant feeling. It can appear around your lips, basically they have some type of fluid in them. They can spoil your beauty and are painful as well. Cold sore occur due to a virus and it can be contagious. There is no such thing that gives a complete cold sore treatment. But there are some useful and handy preventive measures to deal with different cold sore stages. If you are experiencing discomfort due to these blisters then don’t worry there are some tips to be followed for a speedy recovery from these unpleasant cold sores. Because there is no such treatment for these unpleasant blisters doesn’t mean that you will be hanging around with these non-appealing stuff on your face for ages. There are some home remedies that will guide you how to get rid of a cold sore fast.



Vanilla extract:

Vanilla is one of the good cold sore remedies for preventing or getting rid of a cold sore fast. But the extract should be pure. The alcohol present in vanilla extract helps to shrink the cold sore and make it difficult for it to stand out. All you need is some pure and organic vanilla extract. Apply it on the cold sore with the help of a clean swab. You should repeat it four to five times a day for a speedy recovery.

Change your toothbrush right away:

Changing your tooth brush can also help you to prevent occurring this nasty virus. If you are experiencing this virus then change your tooth brush right away. Because your tooth brush can store the virus and using the same toothbrush over and over again when you are already in trouble can be really dangerous. Again this is not a treatment for cold sores but a good preventive measure to avoid such conditions.

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Applying organic milk:

If you are having a really painful cold sore and want it to be less painful for you then organic whole milk is a perfect ingredient. Apply organic milk directly to the sore with the help of cotton and press it over for a few seconds. Apply small quantity of petroleum jelly after that.

Hydrogen peroxide solution:

Like vanilla extract, hydrogen peroxide is a perfect remedy for treating a cold sore. Applying hydrogen peroxide will prevent the virus to spread and will help in recovery as well. Take about a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide solution and soak a cotton ball in it. Apply it directly on the cold sore. It will sting a lot but will help in recovering you from the cold sore.

Freshen with mint oil:

Mint oil has very good natural properties that can help in preventing the virus. Cold sores usually occur due to herpes simplex 1 virus. Pepper mint oil can be a perfect ingredient to treat such virus. You will need good quality pepper mint oil. Sock a cotton ball in peppermint oil and apply it directly to the soar. Apply it immediately when you see even the sign of first soar appearing on the skin. The peppermint oil should be diluted before use so that it becomes less reactive and doesn’t not hurt your skin.

Increasing vitamin E and C intake:

Vitamins are really good for such conditions. You should increase the intake of vitamin E and C. Foods that are vitamin enriched should be taken more. Vitamins can also be taken through other sources i.e. vitamin E capsules can provide you with enough quantity of vitamin E for your body. Citrus fruits are enriched with vitamin C. Vitamins will not be helpful for cold sores but they will also help in treating the scars.

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Applying cornstarch:

We all know how soothing and silky textured the cornstarch has. In older times people used to soothe chronic skin condition by applying cornstarch on it. Cornstarch gives you a relaxing feeling when used in such skin conditions. If your cold sore is itchy and getting more painful than calm yourself by applying cornstarch on it. Basically the cornstarch is used to neutralize the extreme skin conditions. It neutralizes the pH of skin. The more acidic the pH of skin is, the itchier it gets. You will need a tablespoon of corn starch and a tablespoon of fresh water. Mix cornstarch in water to make a thick paste. Apply it directly over the cold sore. It will definitely make you feel better.

If you want to know how to get rid of cold sores overnight, then you should definitely try some aloe gel.

Aloe Vera gel is famous for its anti-bacterial properties. It can help you instantly once the sore blisters. Not only for cold sores but aloe Vera gel is just perfect for treat minor skin conditions. It is used as a home remedy for skin problems from ancient times. Aloe Vera gel is also available in market but it is good to extract it from an aloe Vera plant, as it will be fresh and more reactive. To extract fresh aloe Vera gel take it directly from an aloe plant. Soak a cotton swab in aloe Vera gel and apply it directly to the soar.

Here is another tip, how do you get rid of cold sores??

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Cold sores are also known as oral herpes or HSV-1. People mostly take it lightly such as other minor health disorders. If you are lazy enough not to try any home remedy or finding ingredients for treating your cold sores then just try icing it. Take one or two ice cubes or simply a cold pack. Compress the cold sore with it for a longer time as possible. It will help treating the sore speedily. Apply a little amount of petroleum jelly after icing it. It will prevent the tight and extra dry condition that icing can give your cold sore. Apply sunblock of not more than SPF 15 to your lips for preventing cold sores. Like your toothbrush, you should also avoid using other daily use things like lip balm or any other thing that comes in contact with lips. A person should eat more dairy product like cheese and cream to get sufficient quantity of lysine that helps in treating herpes simplex virus.

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