We all want to be at our best, either if we’re going to work, on a date, or simply taking a walk. We don’t like to be or look sloppy. And this is why we carefully think about our hair, nails, makeup and the way we dress as well. But, as you know, accessories are crucial. They are the ones who allow us to stand out from a crowd. A perfect accessory, that goes along with the rest of your outfit, will make you glow all the time.

Gold necklace design-Spiral Diamond Necklace

There are many kinds of accessories but one that is always used, no matter what year or decade we live in, is the gold necklace. The amazing thing about a gold necklace is that you can wear it everywhere you go. You can go to a cocktail party, to the opera, or simply to the park with your kids. It will allow you to shine on any outfit you choose.

Gold Necklace design-Chain necklace set

But choosing a good gold necklace design is not easy. There are so many different designs that are really more a personal opinion that anything else. However, when you decide you want to look for a good gold necklace design, there are some things you need to consider:

The Gold carats:

there are different gold carats and usually, the higher the carat, the more expensive it will be. You can find gold necklaces with 14, 28, 22, and 24 carats. The reason why a 24 carats gold necklace is more expensive is because it has a higher percentage of pure gold.

Gold necklace design-Many layer chain necklace

White and Yellow gold necklace:

The gold can be white or yellow. Usually, yellow gold is more traditional and looks great with any outfit. When you choose the white gold, you may find it more difficult to wear with some clothes.

Simple and with Gemstone Gold Necklace Design:

A simple gold necklace design or a gold necklace with some gemstones. It’s reallyyour decision and what suits best your personality.

Gold Necklace Design Latest Jewellery 2016

Simple Gold Necklace Design:

Gold necklace with Gemstone:

Traditional and Modern Gold necklace design:

The gold necklace design may be more traditional or more modern. Usually, older people tend to prefer a traditional gold necklace design, while younger people tends to prefer the modern designs of gold necklace.

Traditional Necklace designs:

Modern Necklace Designs:

 The clasp:

despite it’s a hidden part, you need to make sure it does fit the necklace design. Also, there are different clasps and some do a better job than others.Gold necklace designs


Buying a quality gold necklace is not only a pleasure as it is also an investment. So, choosing exactly what you like and paying attention to some details will allow you to make the best purchase.

Gold necklace design gold necklace designEven if you’re just looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, this might be it. A gold necklace is priceless and I’m sure any women will love it. Just imagine your wife’s face when you arrive home and give her one gold necklace for her anniversary.

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