Punjab is known as the land of five rivers, which are reasons behind its name. These five rivers ran through it. Punjab has very interesting, rich and long history. Apart from the history, the things that attract the people around the world are: culture, language, music, dance, friendly people, weddings, festivals, literature and most important its food. At one side, Punjabi people have given the new taste to dishes, while on the other side, dance and music add exuberance in the environment.
There are several things about Punjab and its culture to explore, but the modern society is taking today’s generation away from the old age tradition of Punjab. The youth is not connecting to the history. They are not responsible for that as the young generation is not getting the actual side of the state. They have nothing to see that may tell them about the golden past of the place. With the passing days, the situation is becoming bad to worse.
In these conditions, Haveli is like a ray of hope in the dark. The theme based restaurant is located at Jalandhar- Phagwara highway, which have all the elements that can take a person to the roller coaster journey of old Punjab. It not only reflects the tradition and culture of Punjab but also serves the delicious dishes of the place.

After entering the door of Haveli, the one starts realizing that how rich the Punjabi culture is. There are lots of things to see like the setup of a Punjabi village, the statues of Mutiyars and Gabrus wearing traditional attires. The way they are located is just amazing, which not only look wonderful but also depict the reality of old Punjab. Even the stewards also wear traditional Punjabi clothes.
The thing that helps Haveli to stand apart from others is its Punjabi food. The cuisines are not subtle in their flavours. The theme based restaurant represents several dishes, which are only delicious but healthy too. The food place brings the most popular makki ki roti and sarson ka saag for the food lovers. The famous dish is represented with lassi and butter in large quantities. Apart from this, there are several types of dishes, which are severed to the people.
To entertain the visitors, special dance performances are arranged, where the dancers show their dancing skills. They wear the typical Punjabi dresses during the dance. There is a special section for children, where children can enjoy various types of rides. So next time, when you will visit @Haveli, don’t miss the beauty and charm of the place!

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