chidAll children have a favorite television character or favorite animal. Another fact that is just a true as this one is that all children look forward to their birthday and their birthday party as much as any other day in the calendar. A child can look forward to their birthday and birthday party more than Christmas. This can cause some anxiety for a parent because of the responsibility they feel. The time leading up to Christmas – with the presents that must be bought, the food and drink that must be collected, and the other members of the family that one should visit – is very stressful, but at least Christmas is structured by tradition. Every family has their own tradition in place, and this helps Christmas become a little less of a stressful time. A child’s birthday party has no structures in place. Each occasion is entirely a blank canvas onto which the parent feels obliged to entertain their child, plus – and this is what makes the occasion such a daunting one – a number of other children as well, because a child’s birthday party will only be special if they are allowed to invite their friends to the occasion.

A child’s birthday party can be made more special if their favorite character can attend the occasion. There are companies who employ actors in suits to attend a child’s birthday and play the part. This can be an incredibly pleasing thing for children of a certain age who might believe that the birthday party characters in attendance are the genuine characters they see on television. It can be quite overwhelming for children who all of a sudden can speak to and touch characters that were before only 2D and intangible. Pleasing a child and their friends on their birthday is one thing, but there are other things to consider too. A parent can’t simply employ some birthday party characters and leave the children to enjoy their party. There are other forms of entertainment and care to consider. Interestingly, the employment of birthday party characters can aid some other difficult decisions also.

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As soon as a parent has decided on their character they can then use that character to make a number of other decisions. Before the parent is even aware, they have created a themed party. If one of the chosen birthday party entertainers is a superhero, for example, a parent can then purchase a superhero cake. They can inform the parents of the other children who are due to attend and invite their children to dress up as their favorite superhero. The parent hosting the party can purchase or rent a superhero DVD to watch later in the afternoon. All of these are examples of how the simple employment of one of the child’s favorite birthday party characters can involve the child in every process of the planning of the party. They can choose the character to attend their party, their cake, the activities that are played, and the film. The child will enjoy the party more, and the parents can feel less concerned.

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