The four famous names: Google, Facebook, Bing and Baidu. Ever though how do they make all that money. We are going to tell you those secrets right here, in this article.

Google is the advertisement giant on the World Wide Web. It covers 96% of the advertisement area on the internet. 70% of the revenue generated to Google is by AdWords and remaining by Ad Sense. In Google AdWords people pay-per-click. Google advertises the websites where it should be and the company has to pay depending on the clicks made to the link. That is fair enough because if no one clicks on the links they don’t have to pay single dime. While AdSense works differently, here you join adsense and your site will be promoting some other related site while your site is been promoted on other sites. AdSense is a very wide and successful network. Google earns all it money from the ads and the services it provides like Gmail, maps, Google earth etc, these are to keep people attracted to Google so they can always be at Google and liking their ads. All we can say is, money well spent Google.

Facebook also earns most of its money through advertising. Even though the CTR (CLICK THROUGH RATE) is not good enough but the traffic and popularity of the site attracts advertisers. You can always see ads on the right side of the page though not usually clicked by users but it definitely adds to brand awareness. The other means of income for Facebook is through the Zynga and other games where people buy items like lands and gaming coins with actual money and Facebook take its share of money from the gaming company. Facebook also get revenue from the virtual gifts, which are very trendy these days.

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Bing is quite same as Google. When you search a word in Bing, the first three links are advertisement and they mention it with “sponsored ads” written above it. Generally you see these ads either at the right side of the page or the first three search results. Though it’s not as famous and used to as Google but generates fair revenue from the ads.

Baidu is number one search engine in China. Giant companies bid here to get higher ranking search results. The highest bidder wins and come to top of the list when certain keyword is searched. This is called P4P or Pay For Placement. Baidu gets good revenue because of the neck to neck competition of the companies who always keep bidding. Though Baidu also earns from pay-per-click option, but that doesn’t generate a very big amount of money.

Final words:
We did study all these sites and their source of income, the one thing common in the revenue generator of all these companies is advertising. Each site has its own way of advertising but they all are doing the same thing, promoting some products or organization.

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