From banking to dating to eating to buying, everything is dependent on internet now. Let us tell you few facts which will prove that internet is absolutely changing the world.

Study through internet:

Internet allows taking online classes and tuitions through video conference. There are even institutions providing certificates after classes and exams attended online.

Online doctors:

Places where population is too high and doctors available are too low in numbers. Online health services really help a lot. These days even medical report soft copies are sent to patients thus, easy to share the reports to a doctor in any country and consult through video conferencing.

Business Opportunities:

With increased number of services given by internet increases the number of jobs. Even the developing countries are seen to get good internet based jobs.

No losing a friend:

With all the glittery Facebook, Twitters and BBMs you might never ever lose a friend. In fact you end up meeting some forgotten friends here. A normal Facebook user has an average of 100 friends in their friend list today.


Through tweets, chats, or comments communication has become mandatory with internet. From sites like Skype video conferencing and calls become dead easy.

Meet your soul mate:

Internet has definitely changed the way one used to find the love of their lives. With sites like and the million other dating sites you might end up meeting the right one on the internet.


People these days are interested in investing their money in online business more than the traditional business.

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All your news and gossips on internet:

People don’t have enough time to go through the newspaper these days because they read it on their laptop, iPad or tablets. Gone are those when people would wait eagerly for the newspaper arrivals.

Internet helps in traffic:

How is the question and the answer is bit tricky. Due to options of online transactions people have to make lesser trips to the banks or other place to pick up the money. Thus, you save fuel of your car and create lesser pollution too.

Smartphone in demand:

Because increased use of internet, people demand for more comfortable devices to access the internet. Not only have the smart phones even basic phones these days allowed complete web surfing experience.

Dictionary has new words now:

Because of the increased involvement of internet in our everyday lives you can look up your decent dictionary and a 20 years old dictionary. You will find many new words added.

Paying bills:

No longer standing in the queue to pay the bills, online payment made life much easier.

Online shopping:

With easy comparisons of price of a product from different sites, people prefer to buy things online rather than getting dressed, drive to a shop and buy a product.

A whole new world:

Internet is just like universe, absolutely endless. People can spend whole day, months or years on internet. Exploring new worlds, places, games, friends, sites and the list is endless.

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