how to activate windows 8

In this article, you will get idea how to activate window on Laptop and on your Phone. Activating window 8 by connecting to internet is very simple to use. But, if you’re installing or upgrading Window 8 from USB or DVD, it will require activating as the part of complete installation process.

How to activate window:

Activation of windows 8 with Internet:

  • Swipe from right side at start screen of laptop to display menu.
  • Click on settings
  • Click on the tap of PC settings
  • Select the option of activate Window (if your window will be already activated then the option of activating window will not appear)
  • After clicking on activate Window, enter the product Key.
  • Product key will be received by email or printed on the DVD.
  • Window will not activate until product will not be valid. And if product key will be valid click activate.
  • After successful activation of window, click close.

Activate window using Mobile Phone:

If you’re not able to activate window 8 with the help of internet then you can also select the option of activating window by phone. Here are some steps which you should follow to activate window 8 from phone:

  • Take your mouse to the right side of screen to display the menu.
  • Click on the settings
  • Then click on change PC settings
  • After this select the option of activate window
  • Click the option of activate window by phone
  • Select the country and region and then tap next
  • Call on the toll free number that is provided and then you will need to follow instructions from toll free number.
How to install Windows 8

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