Apply Eye Shadow

Apply Eye ShadowThe eye shadows are considered as the important part of the makeup. However, there are also many people who face a lot of difficulties in applying the eye shadows. Moreover, it can be very tricky if you are not aware of some important points. These are as given below


How to apply eye shadow?

Start with the clean state

First of all it is important that you should clean your face appropriately by any cleanser. Additionally, if you are having the problem with the residual make up, then you also have the option to wash it with the cold water.

Even out the skin around the eyes

After this you have to even out the skin which is present around the eyes. After that, use the concealed brush in order to blend the eye makeup outward.

Apply eye shadow

You have the various options for the eye shadow colors. However the most popular color plan is medium pink, light brown etc. Moreover, you can also use the light color on bows of your eyes to make them look more attractive.

Blend the colors

If you are planning to use more than one color of your eye shadow, then it is important that you should mix the properly. You can also use a brush for mixing the colors a bit.

Apply eyeliner

For the eyeliner, you can use the liner pencil, liquid eyeliner or any other angled brush. However, make sure that you should fill the blanks with small strokes.

Curl your lashes

You can use an eyelash curler for this aspect. However, the important part which you have to keep in mind in this aspect is that you should use the curl after applying mascara and not after that.

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These are some of the important points which should be kept in mind while applying the eye shadows.

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