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Apply EyelinerEyeliner plays an important role in making eyes of girl beautiful. Eyeliner is the best way by which any female can accentuate her own eyes. It has been observed that most of women like drawing only a line of eyeliner around eyelid. However female know very well how to apply but also there are many women who want to know how to apply eyeliner perfectly. Well! You have selected the right content to read. In this content you will get some tips how to apply eyeliner in perfect way.


Important steps:

Step I: Select right color eyeliner for your eyes & shadow. Some colors look much better on eyes but some color does not look good and does not suit your eyes. So it is highly recommended that you should select the color according to your eye’s color.

Colors for your eyes:

  • For green eyes: Plum and brown shades
  • For black and brown eyes: charcoal and brown
  • For blue eyes: Brown, charcoal and navy color

Step II: The main thing that you should consider is that you should apply the eyeliner perfectly and there should be no wide lining of eyeliner on eyelids. Pencil lines will present softer look whereas liquid lines will provide you good look.

Step III: Select best eyeliner type and get ready for application. There are different types of eyeliners like pencil liner, cake eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and darkest dry shadow. You can add some water in dark dry shadow and then you can apply it on your eyelids. Before applying eyeliner on eyelids you should make sure that it is well mixed and sharpened. And if you are using liquid liner then it should be well mixed. You can use few drops of water to eyeliner and then you should use the small brush to mix and apply on eyelids.

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Step IV: While applying eyeliner on eyelids then you should hold it like a pen.

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