Aadhar CardThe Government throughout the world trying to become secure by making the security system more secured. The Indian administration is issuing aadhar cards, also known as Unique ID number, to all the people.

The main motive of issuing Aadhar card is to provide a unique ID to every human being so that identity of any individual can be identified easily with the help of unique ID number.

You can apply for Aadhar card online as well as offline. Aadhar card will hold 12 digit ID numbers by which all the information about individual including Demographics, info graphics, and finger prints and more other details can be easily accessed by government. In future, all the services where proof will be used unique ID will play an important role.

How to get Aadhar card

To get Aadhar card, you will need to visit authorized Aadhar enrollment centre with needed documents related to address proof and identity. You can visit any of the enrolment camp that is nearby your location and is recognized by UIDAI in India.

Important steps that you will need to follow to get Aadhar card

  1. Take address proof and documents with passport sized photo, enrolment form to enrolment camp.
  2. At the enrolment camp all the process will be done by the staff.
  3. Operator at enrolment camp will insert al your details & you will asked to validate all the information and physical things.
  4. Your fingerprints will be taken by operator with the help of iris scanning.
  5. After taking fingerprints, a photograph will be taken by operator.
  6.  At the ending of process you will get a slip from the operator with an enrolment number.
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