french-toastThe French toast is also called as the eggy bread or the gypsy toast, and is actually the dish which involves bread soaked in the beaten eggs which are fried.

The French toast is normally served like sweet dish and vanilla, sugar, milk or the cinnamon are commonly added ingredients before the pan frying which is then topped with the sugar (often employed powdered sugar), or other items. Since it is considered the savory dish, it is normally fried with the salt, and also can be served with the sauce like ketchup or the mayonnaise. The French toast is actually the sandwich of 2 pieces of a French toast which is filled with the bananas or other fruits.

The earliest reference to the French toast is actually in Apicius, which is the compilation of Latin recipes of the fourth or fifth century however the recipe which is mentioned here refers of soaking the bread in milk, not egg. However, it has been given no special name to it and is called as Aliter Dulcia which means another sweet dish.

  • Twelve thick slices of bread
  • One tablespoon of white sugar
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • One and half teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • Three eggs
  • Salt
  • One cup of milk
  • Quarter cup of flour

Cooking time

  • Preparation time: five minutes
  • Cook time: Fifteen minutes


  • First of all beat the three main ingredients i.e. cinnamon, milk and egg together. You can also employ the orange zest in it. Whisk the solution of these three until all of them get properly mixed.
  •  After that dip the every slice of the bread in the egg mixture and allow the bread to absorb the mixture. Melt the butter (You can also use the vegetable oil instead of butter) in a big skillet and heat it on the medium flame. You can add as number of slices as much you want to add in the solution. After that add the sauce on the slices of the bread. Fry it until it gets brown on the both sides. However, flipping is also important while you are frying the slices.
  • When you are done with whole process you can serve your French toast with some maple syrup or butter.
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