JambalayaThe Jambalaya basically originated in the Caribbean islands. Rice is one of the main ingredients of Jambalaya. The other ingredients in this dish are vegetables and meats. This dish was actually an accidental consequence of the Spaniards who were actually trying to make paella. The paella resulted into this dish due to the absence of saffron which was not available there due to high import costs. However, as the time advanced influence of French people increased which also changed paella into Jambalaya. The dish is surprisingly simple to cook and is considered to be very good for the people who are on low calorie diets.
The Jambalaya is sometimes also called as the red Jambalaya since it can also be easily found in New Orleans. The specialty of the Jambalaya here is that it is made of red color by adding more tomatoes in the dish. It has a different flavor.

  • Pepper and Salt
  • Five ounces of Andouille sausage which should be sliced
  • Three cups of chicken stock
  • Three to four cups of rice
  • One teaspoon of hot sauce
  • One teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
  • Three bay leaves
  • One to two cups of chopped tomatoes
  • Two tablespoons of chopped garlic
  • One to four cups of chopped celery
  • One to four cups of chopped bell pepper
  • One to four cups of chopped onion
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • One tablespoon of Creole seasoning
  • Four ounces of chicken
  • Twelve medium shrimp, chopped, deveined and peeled.

Cooking time

  • Approximately one hour


  • Heat the chicken in a big pan with its lid on and then put the brown chicken it till it color turns to golden. Add pepper, celery and onion.
  • After that add the garlic tomatoes, hot sauces and bay leaves.
  • After that heat the whole mixture on a medium heat for at least three minutes. After that add Cajun, chorizo and cook for five minutes more.
  • Now, stir the chicken with rice and then you can add the stock as well as tomatoes. Wait for twenty to twenty five minutes until the rice tender.
  • When the rice is ready and you have completed the whole process, the Jambalaya is ready to serve.
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