Noodles are very simple food items and they can be used as the base of any tasty meal. They can be cooked in different ways from stir fries to soups. Noodles are very easy to prepare and the exact preparation of the noodles depend on the flour out of which they are made of and also on the factor if they are fresh or fried. There are varieties of noodles you can get in the market. Depending on the particular taste and the requirement of a dish, the type of noodles can be selected.

Some of the noodles that are available are the rice-based noodles which are fresh rice noodles, dried rice noodles, rice vermicelli or rice sticks. Wheat based noodles are also there of different varieties such as Chinese wheat noodles, dried wheat noodles, Japanese wheat noodles, instant noodles; Mung bean noodles e.g. Mung bean noodles, cellophane noodles, bean threads etc.

  • Noodles
  • water
  • salt (optional)
  • stock cube (optional)
  • vegetables
  • seasoning sauce
  • spices
Cooking Time

Cooking time depends on the type of preparation done for the noodles.


NoodlesFor making basic instant noodles, you have to drop the instant noodles into hot water then add a drop of flavor. Boil the water and if you want add stock cube or salt. Ensure that the stock cube is completely dissolved in the water before adding the noodles. The flavor of the stock will depend on the ingredients that are needed to be added later on.

You must chicken broth if later on you want to add chicken or you must choose beef if later on you want to add meat. Now add noodles to the water and turn off the heat or you can make the heat low. Some noodles need to be soaked and some need simmering so you must read the package of noodles to ensure right way is followed. Drain off the fluids in the strainer and your noodles are ready to be used further.

How to Cook Duck

You can now use chopped vegetables, chicken, meat or eggs to make a delicious dish. Put oil in the pan and stir the chopped vegetables and other ingredients and put the noodles into it. After stir frying it for some time, your noodles are ready to get served.

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