WatermelonA watermelon cannot be eaten fresh or raw. You have to cut the fruit and get the flesh of the slices. The flesh is the only part of a watermelon, which is edible. Cutting through the skin of the watermelon may be difficult, but having ideas can make things easier. Also, there is a requirement of adequate pressure and the sharpness of the knife. Following a few steps can lead you to enjoy one of the summertime fruits, which is also known for the sweetness of the flesh.

Steps to Cut the Watermelon

  • Wash the skin of the fruit with a fruit wash or a soap before using the knife
  • Start by cutting the top and the bottom parts of the fruit by slices
  • Make the melon stand after getting rid of the top and bottom parts
  • Start slicing from the middle and get 2 halves of the melon at first
  • Continue the same slicing process for each of the halves and make sure you get 4 slices in total
  • Separate the skin section of every slice gently without harming the fleshy part
  • Cut the flesh into slices and serve in a plate or a bowl

There are various ways of getting the last slices. These can be discussed below.

Various Ways of Slicing the Melon

You can slice into small pieces and serve those with a spoon. You can also slice on the skin and serve without removing the skin section from the flesh part. The slicing can be of more than 4 major parts and you may serve without continuing the slicing further.

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While cutting the watermelon, there is a need to take a close look at the watery part. During the process, the watermelon should never slip out of your hands, and neither should the knife.

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