Each day many people try to deactivate their Facebook accounts but fails because it’s not so easy to do it. But with detailed explanation of step by step process it will take only minutes to delete your Facebook account. There is one thing you have to know is that when you delete your account you are just hiding it from your account from anybodies access. It is very difficult to completely delete a Facebook account. Once you log on again with your email id and password, your account will automatically become activated.

Here is a detailed explanation of deleting a Facebook account in a step by step process:
Step 1:
Log into your account and look for an arrow at upper right corner of the Facebook page and click it then click “Account Settings”.

Step 2:
Then click “Security’ option into the security click “Deactivate account”.

Step 3:
Select one of the given reasons why you want to delete the account.

There is an option box to explain your decision of deactivating the account; you can give a detailed explanation if you are interested.

Check the box for “Email opt out.” It is mandatory to select this option because if you don’t your friends can still tag you in images and invite you to different events. By selecting this option you will get emails regarding your account activities.

Step 4:
Finally click the “Deactivate” button. And then, your Facebook account becomes hidden from everybody. You still have option to activate it anytime in future by just logging in again.

How to Quit Using Facebook

Few Warnings before deleting your account:
It is possible that you have left some credit card details on Facebook while purchasing virtual gifts. Thus, there is a possibility that it might still be there. After you have deactivated your account your comments, status and pictures will others mentioned in it stays in Facebook. For example, you had commented on your friend’s picture, the comment still stays there with your name but no one can access your profile from clicking on your name.

Final Tips:
Deactivation of your account is different from deleting your account. Facebook takes 14 days to permanently delete your account. In deactivation your personal information is still saved just in case you felt like coming back to Facebook someday. These days you can even deactivate your account from mobile app of Facebook.

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