youtube-earnUsers who spent countless hours watching videos on YouTube have often thought of switching roles: from being just the viewer to being the content creator, and earning money. While it takes a bit of consistency and perseverance, it definitely is possible. There are millions of people across the globe who earn money from YouTube, specifically from their ‘Partner Program’. YouTube sets no restrictions on who can create and upload a video, and this gives pretty much everyone on YouTube a fair chance to earn.

This is how it works:

  • The first step is getting started, creating an account on YouTube. A short, original username helps.
  • Adding content is the next step. When signed in, hitting the ‘Upload’ button is all it takes to upload a clip. YouTube also has a feature providing a dedicated e-mail address so that users can upload videos directly from mobile phones.
  • Making your uploaded content stand out is necessary. There are a couple of quick tips to help accomplish this-

    • High quality content is essential.
    • Equally essential is a regular and consistent stream of uploads, which will help guarantee a steady audience.
    • Most Internet users don’t have very huge attention spans, so keeping the videos short is crucial.
  • Gaining an audience is very important, and users can distribute their content on various social networking sites to ensure that people watch the videos they upload. Videos need proper title and descriptions. Adding captions and organizing the videos in appropriate playlists will help improve discoverability in search results. Subscribers are indispensable to earnings.
  • The next big step towards monetization is applying for the ‘YouTube Partner Program’. While anyone and everyone can apply, YouTube doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be taken in as partners. Having a big number of subscribers is of massive help. So is making sure the user’s channel has proper, original videos, with no copyright issues whatsoever. YouTube looks out for those channels on which they can advertise, and make money.
  • Once you become a Partner, you can now start earning money from YouTube. A Google AdSense account needs to be set up first. YouTube displays advertisements beside the user’s videos, and pays users a small share for every ad that gets clicked on. An even smaller amount is paid per view of the videos.
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Thus, this is how users earn from YouTube. Having a big audience who will visit the users’ channel, click on the ads displayed, as well as view the users’ videos, is the key.

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