pdf-fileA PDF file is a Proprietary type of a document file which has been developed by Adobe. A PDF format of a file which was developed originally by Adobe during the 1990s and now there are more than seven thousand plus million PDF files on internet, Google has revealed.

It is generally difficult to edit the PDF files because they are very compact that smaller in size as compared to their source file and they save the original format.

Editing the PDF files by using free alternatives to the Adobe acrobat software

While the PDF files and documents are the read only files by default, there are a number of ways in which certain elements of the PDF file can be edited without paying anything and also without needing the source file or any commercial edit tools such as the Adobe acrobat.

We mainly focus on the tools which help you to alter actual content of the PDF document. If you wish to edit the structure of the PDF file like rearranging the pages, merge multiple PDF files in one, then you can refer to the detailed Adobe Acrobat guide.

An online PDF editor for the basic tasks

Many times you require making some minor alterations in the PDF document. For example, you might wish to hide your contacts from a PDF document before you upload it on the web or you may want to add a page with some notes or free-hand drawings.

You can also perform these edits in a PDF file very easily with PDFEscape.com, which is an online PDF Editor which is free. It helps you to edit password-protected PDF files in the web browser. With PDF escape you can also hide some of the parts of a PDF document without any tool.

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