How to Find advertisers for your website

In this article, we will tell you how to find the perfect advertiser for your website.
Things to keep in mind:

  • Keep your site focused on a subject. If your site is a well known one, make sure to let the contents of your site of a single genre instead of adding all types of posts. This helps the advertisers to attract special users of particular interest to attract to your site.
  • To get attention of advertiser you have to make your site look professional, in other words spend some money to make your site look better. If your site is ugly, advertisers may not be interested even to take a look.
  • Always have an “advertise here” option which will include details like traffic, audience and such other details.
  • In case your site is way too attractive you will get calls from advertisers. But, in most cases you have to approach the advertisers to post their ads on your site. You can approach them with a decent email starting by introducing yourself then give details of your site and details of price of each advertisement.
  • Don’t stick with cash payments; you might lose important deals by being stubborn. Be flexible and get a premium account in PayPal so you can make comfortable transaction.

How to Find advertisers for your websiteFind out Advertisement Networks:

Explore more sites which are exclusively made to promote advertising.
To get potential advertisers just visit the homepage of this site. You will see many well known big shot companies all set to advertise.
Just go to “Site Directory” option of this site which will lead you to list of the entire website which allows advertisements from this network. This site also allows you to filter and get only the kind of advertisers you need.

Best Ways to Earn Money with a Website or a Blog
This site is more of an affiliate marketing site than ad networking. Sign up the site and browse the pages and you might end up finding some really good sponsors.
This site has list of sites which who pays the bloggers to review their own products.

Use Social Networks:

Sponsored Tweets:
Sponsored tweets are said to the tweets made on or about a product or services. Most of such tweets are hash tagged like #ads.

Facebook Ads:
Facebook is not only for socializing with friends and families. Facebook has its own very large ad platform just like Google AdSense. Just log into your Facebook account and check out the right side bar for advertisers. Click on the option which says “More ads” and you will be taken to a page full of advertisements. Now, all you have to do is go to sites of your genre and send the ad requests.

Final Words:
Here is a quick final tip which will really help you to create a large database of your advertisers. Create a bookmark folder on your browser, naming it “Potential Advertisers” and whenever you come across a good site which might be your next big thing just bookmark it. And then one fine day when you are all enthusiast to take your business to new levels, open the bookmarks and send them your offer.

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