Have thin hair without volume … what a plague! While some no longer bear their thick hair, those with thin hair prefer to see the dense and voluminous hair. . Fortunately, there are solutions for a dream mane.

Give volume to thin hair

How to give volume to the hair?

Tips for volume in hair

How to give volume to the hair?

Firstly, you should know that there are simple tricks to get the volume in hair. So you do not necessarily need to break the bank in products to get a result.

  • A step which is large and yet it is often forgotten that the hair  Washing her hair with hot water tends to make them flat and without volume. That is why it is quite important that you complete your shampoo by a jet of cold water.
  • The technique of drying also plays a big role. This trick can give volume through air movement reversed to that of your hair. To perform the technique, just after washing your hair, dry your hair head down, and to properly direct the hairdryer to your roots. To keep the bulky effect, you just have to apply subsequently a little spray on your hair.
  • Finally, it is important for you to use brushes appropriate hair. For thin hair and flat, it is best to use a brush of good quality synthetic and boar studs or a wooden comb.

The products to give volume to the hair

How to give volume to the hair?

If despite the advice listed above, you do not see results, it will be necessary that you pass to the next stage by emptying a little your wallet. You can count on some products to give volume to your thin hair. Among them are:

  • The shampoos and after specific shampoos for thin hair and dishes: these treatments provide maintenance and volume to thin hair. They allow the hair gainer, they make it thicker by providing vitamins to the hair fiber.
  • The sprays or special volume foams: they are quite effective, they can create a real movement to the roots. The unfortunate downside to these products is that they tend to leave marks on the hair and quickly create an effect “card” if you have a heavy hand.
  • The dry shampoos: Must for oily hair, dry shampoo are also perfect for keeping and bringing volume to flat  Adopt a dry shampoo, is opting for the 2 in 1: in addition to providing the maintenance needed for your hair, it will not need to wash by reducing sebum roots.
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Hairstyles for volume


The special volume haircuts

It is possible to cheat and give an impression of volume through the haircut. It is structuring the haircut that you can get unexpected and flattering facial effects. Also, note that you can wear your hair long as well as short. In fact, we tend to say that it is impossible to give volume to long hair. With a good haircut, you can have long hair and with movement. So all is not lost.

Hairstyles preferred to have volume in the hair are mainly cuts with gradients. They help to give the illusion of movement in your hair.

  • For mid-long hair, forget the super smooth effect brushings stick on the head. It is better to opt for square or plunging rights.
  • For long hair, you can degrade the back of your mop to create movement and thickness. This is a tip that will allow you to make your lighter roots. Making waves may also be a good solution to create more density in your hair.


Quick Tip: To give pep to the roots, playing with the line might be interesting. If you used to do your hair in the middle, try the side parting.

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