How to Increase Bench PressBody building is a fetish that young men and women undertake in the recent times. It is quiet a rage to have a good, impressive physique. Being healthy and looking good apart from the desired strength to make a person feel macho is a fetish among youths of today. Bench press is a form of body building mechanism. Regular training helps one increase weight in the bench press. Increases bench press requires expert advice, without doing it under proper guidance it can prove detrimental for your body. With a regular training protocol this can be achieved.


Eat healthy diet:  protein rich diet like fish, poultry, eggs that add to the muscle of the body is a must if one wants to increase bench press to get desired result, not only that the person needs strength but the right food helps build up the muscle.

The technique has to be right:  for gaining more weight in the right place and avoid injury it is essential that the technique used is correct. The bar has to be placed in the proper position and has to be held tightly so that it does not slip out. The shoulder blades have to be kept tight to avoid any injury. Driving into the bench and pushing in a straight line is the perfect posture while keeping the elbows tucked will help increase the bench press.

Lifting fast is essential: lifting fast will help increase the bench press. The slower you lift; it will make you weaker and will be tiring, reducing the speed of bench press.

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Injuries have to be avoided: shoulder injuries are common in the bench press method. Training hard and with care under proper guidance will help reduce such injuries. Proper technique and posture will not only help reduce injuries but will also increase the speed of bench press.


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