Blood FlowRegular blood flow in the body is extremely important for good health and living. If the blood flow is not regular and is less than usual then one might a tingling sensation gripping their feet and palms. The discomfort can lead to a feeling that your feet and palm is asleep. This discomfort is very much undesirable. To avoid this there are certain tips that would increase the blood flow in the system. Oxygen should flow through the blood stream more efficiently for a healthy body.


Participate in daily chores: household chores like sweeping, mopping, vacuuming helps to accelerate the heart beat and makes us sweat which in return helps burn calorie. Therefore such activities should be taken up at least twice or thrice a week. Walking, aerobics and jogging can also help burn calorie, increase the heart beating rate and increase the blood flow in the system.

Walking is the best exercise to increase blood flow:  instead of driving to the local store or going somewhere near the house it is best to walk. Not only does it save petrol of your car but is also the best exercise ever. Walking stimulates heart beats and increase blood flow in the body, burning down calories and helps one stay fit and active.

Other physical exercises help increase blood flow:  swimming, cycling, aerobics, jogging are few of the preferred exercises that we enjoy doing in our everyday life. Not only do they help us burn those extra few calories but are also extremely good for our health. Indulging these activities in regular intervals not only helps you stay slim and trim, but also helps in regular blood flow.

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Indulge in massages:  massaging the tensed areas in the body regularly helps reduce the inflammation in these muscles that otherwise would have stopped the passage of oxygen in the bloodstream freely. It helps in increase the blood flow.

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