How to Increase EnergyFor all our daily chores and everyday work in office, home, school or even spending quality time with friends and family we need energy. Sometimes we feel fatigued even to go for shopping, movies or even taking a vacation. This is a definite lack of energy that all of us have experienced on a regular basis or occasionally. This is nothing new to any of us. Such lack of energy can take a toll on our health, regular activities, family and other social life. The feeling of frustration seeps in and the feeling of impatience overpowers us. There are few ways to increase energy in our body.


Indulge in a healthy diet: a healthy diet with necessary vitamins and mineral supply is essential for keeping up the good health of your body. Increase the consumption of magnesium helps boost energy. Study has proven that this mineral helps in breaking down the glucose in the body and supplies the necessary energy to it.

Walking helps increasing energy: study has shown that walking helps in gaining energy contrary to what we may feel. Walking is the best form of exercise and a little walk after a hard day’s toiling is sure to uplift the energy level of the body.

Power nap:  after too much of hard work our mind is pushed beyond a limit and the body as well as the mind is fatigued. A power nap comes to the rescue and helps the body and the mind regain what it has lost.

Breakfast boosts energy level: breakfast is the most essential meal of the day and research showed that it is also the meal that provides us with maximum energy that sustains you for the day.

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More water and less alcohol consumption:  sometimes when our body is fatigued it craves for fluid, a tall, cool glass of water comes to your rescue. Water restores the necessary water balance in the body and supplements for the loss of energy.


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