How to Increase Lung CapacityLung is the respiratory organ of any living being. Human beings have a more complicated respiratory system than other life forms. Air breathing animals including some fishes and tetra pods use lungs to breathe. The primary function that lungs perform in any life form is to supply the oxygen from the atmosphere into the blood stream and take out the carbon dioxide from the bloodstream back to the atmosphere. Lungs of human beings and other mammals have a sponge like soft structure and are honeycombed with epithelium, making it much larger than the outer surface of the lung itself. In today’s action packed world, life is full of sporting and other activities that requires the lungs of any person to be in good shape and there are techniques that have been discovered and are practiced worldwide to increase the capacity of the functioning of the lungs.


Breathe steadily and deeply: the easiest way to increase lung capacity without rigorous exercise and working out is to inhale and exhale deeply and steadily. Just by doing that trick you can save a lot of vigor and very expensive equipments required for working out. By exhaling the air completely out of the lungs and not keeping any air inside the lungs is the tip to keep you healthy and fit.

Do not fill your lungs to the full capacity: while inhaling intake 80-85% of the air in the lungs. While doing this it is ensured that the body has room to relax and the risk of muscle tightening is reduced to the minimum. A friend or a family member can monitor your breathing exercise so that the excessive intake of air that might have harmed you can be monitored and prevented.

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Physical exercise can also help increase lung capacity: exercising inside water will help the lung receive more oxygen than usual. Swimming is the best exercise to keep your lungs work better. Aerobics, cycling, stretching are other exercises that we can practice.



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