Are you pregnant and ready to give birth to a new born baby? Then it is very much obvious that you will undergo labor pain naturally between 41 and 42 weeks. Here are some important ways on how to induce labor.


Since ages dancing is regarded as a great way to get moving and motivate your child’s movement. The swaying of your hips will enable the child to move up and down.


Acupressure is another great way to induce labor. If you opt for this method make sure that you consult a specialist in pregnancy to avoid any complications. Acupressure helps to heal pressure point which is an amazing relief.

Nipple stimulation:

Nipple stimulation help release hormone oxytocinn that contracts the uterus. There are many different ways of nipple stimulation such as standing in a hot shower or breast pump.

Raspberry leaf tea:

Raspberry leaf tea helps to tone the cervix and reinforce entire pelvic region. This tea is full with vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the uterus. Drinking this tea twice in a day will help you induce labor pain and ad in recover.


Sex is the simplest and easiest way that can help induce labor. Sperm softens the cervix and get ready for labor which will definitely make uterus contract.


Walking is the best exercise for pregnant woman as it is not only good for health but also help induce labor.


A prenatal massage can create wonders to remove stress, back pain, soreness and especially labor when the contractions get stronger.

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Tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and papaya has bromelain enzyme that help breaks collagen, ripen the cervix, stimulate muscle contractions and for inducing labor. Also, eating large amount of pineapple will improve your digestive system which will also kick start your labor.

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