joomlaJoomla is a type of article showcase. It works same as the word press. In a Joomla, an article can be considered as a piece or kind of content which consists of texts, possibly with some of the links and the other resources. In this type of word format, or we can say article format, articles are the most basic unit of the source of information in the system of content and the level of bottom in the content hierarchy. In joomla you can classify the articles in categories and can be associated with other categories too. Like Word press, it also has the option to install theme, but in this case it is generally known as template.

If you do not know how to install a joomla template, you need not worry. You just follow these small steps and you can easily do the job of installing template so as to make you blog post or article look classy.

  • The first and foremost need is that you must log into your dashboard of joomla version.
  • The second step includes the hovering of the mouse over the Extensions in the list of the top menu and then clicks the button in which Extension manager is written.
  • The next step needs a solid click on the browse button under the heading of the upload package file so as to go through the joomla templates.
  • In this step you must select the joomla template on your computer which you want to upload and then click on the upload and install button which is being provided there.
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The thing just does not stop here, when you get the template fully and successfully installed, you will be able to see the message which will show the success report which comes in a message box to the right.

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