Now-a-days, Cydia is an important application as all the idevices are limited and if you want to install different third party applications, you need to jailbreak them. Cydia can be used to download all the iPhone apps that cannot be easily searched on the Apple App store. Cydia download can be tricky sometimes as it cannot be downloaded through official Apple’s app store but given below important steps on how to install Cydia will help you.

Jailbreak your iPhone:

It is very important to jailbreak your idevices to install Cydia.  This is done because Cydia is a third party application and is not found at Apple App Store.

Using Cydia for the first time:

If you are running Cydia for the first time, then you must have active internet connection.  Once you have installed Cydia, it will start checking for updates in its programming and database.

Exploring Cydia:

Click on the search tab where there will be information of all the files on Cydia. You can also customize the view by tapping on the edit button on the top right. One important thing to know about Cydia is that it contains paid as well as free apps. Paid apps will always flash in blue color. Set your list of both paid and free apps, press the install button and it will be ready to install then.

Installing Cydia Updates:

Always check for the latest version of Cydia, this will help you to ensure that you don’t run into any errors. Once you installing new version of Cydia, make sure that your internet connection is active. Use the refresh key to find any new upgrade options. Choose “Essential Upgrade” to install the newest and latest version of Cydia. Once the Cydia is installed successfully restart your phone. Now you can use your Cydia app with all the latest updates.



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