firebugFirefox Is web browser as Internet Explorer Or Chorme which is popular among all over Internet with lot of New Features Like Add-ons, New Plug-ins, Themes Etc….

  • Open Firefox Browser in your PC And Use Ctrl+Shift+A Shortcut To Bring Up Firefox Add-ons Page. There you will at extension page.
  • You can see which Add-ons and extension Currently Installed in your Firefox. You can see all of them and manage.
  • Look For “Get Add-ons Menu” In Add-ons Page And Click that and it will bring you to New Add-on Page
  • Find the search bar , enter Addon name (Firebug Add-on) or related keyword, you will see the list of addons related to your search term
  • Look at the right side of the “Firebug Add-on” result and click Install and after your click download for that plugin will start
  • After the downloading is finish. Restart the Mozilla Firefox on the same time and it will automatic install within your restart.
  • After your restart it, you will see the Addon Working Properly and Enjoy the Firebug Add-on!

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