fontOften it is being seen that whenever a new document is being designed, it can be found that the old fonts are plain as well as boring. The good news which can make you feel happy is that you can easily find some other fonts and then install them in your computer. There are a lot of sites which are viral in the net so as to help you download a new font and from this article you will know how to install fonts in windows 7 efficiently.

However before starting you must remember to download a new font for the Windows 7 from the internet.

  • The first step is that you can go to the start menu and then click it and go to the control panel and find the appearance and personalization and then click on the menu or link.
  • The second step says that just clicks on the font’s folder and then minimizes it as you will need it very soon.
  • The next step is that you must access the folder where you have saved your new downloaded font and then double click on the folder so as to open it.
  • You may find a lot of folders depending on the type of the font which is being chosen by you. It should be kept in mind as this is a windows guide so you must ignore the folder which is for the MAC OS. You must double click the folder in which MAC OS is not written.
  • Then the demand of the step says that you have to drag the file which is containing the font to the font folder to copy the details of the file in the folder.
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By following these steps you will be able to install new font without any problem.

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