If you are planning to install the minecraft forge but your not aware of the right procedure, then installation can be very tricky. Here are some of the important steps which you can follow for the successful installation of the minecraft forge

How to install minecraft forge?

The installation of minecraft forge is very simple and these steps are as given below

  • First of all download universal build or its latest version if the older one is not compatible with your system requirements.
  • In the next step you have to open the achiever. You will need 7zip to open this file.
  • After that open the minecraft.jar in the minecraft/bin directory with selected achiever.
  • Copy all the files which are downloaded from forge package in minecraft.jar.
  • Don’t delete the META_INF in minecraft.jar however instead, go to META_INF and delete files which start with MOJANG and do not delete the rest files. If you are not able to find such type of files, then it would be better to leave them as it is. Additionally, if it is crashing and you have downloaded needed libraries, then you should delete META-INF.
  • Close all the open archivers’ window and initiate the Minecraft client again. Forge the needs to download menu along with some libraries which are set up in this environment for first time. However, if you are not having the internet connection, all you have to do is to go to option “Download and install needed libraries”.

When you are done with above procedure, it means you are done with the installation of the minecraft forge. If you are planning to install the minecraft forge for the server, then also you have to follow the same instructions. However, it is important to make sure that the universal build you are downloading should match with the system requirements.

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