install windows 8Windows 8 is the latest operating system which is released by Microsoft and it is equipped with a large number of new features such as the traditional start menu is absent, windows and icons are now replaced with the magazines and titles etc. Since the window 8 is new, therefore there are majority of people who do not have proper knowledge regarding the installation of the window 8. If you are also one of the them are also one of the mind are looking for the easy way to install the window8, then following steps might be helpful to you.

How to install windows 8?

  • Place the DVD of Window 8 on DVD ROM and restart your computer. While your computer is restarting select the booting option by pressing the key shown on the computer screen. Once you have pressed the key, the window will automatically start loading in the computer.
  • In the next step you will be asked to fill the option of time, currency format and language. Fill the necessary options and then click on the next icon. You can give these inputs with your keyboard.
  • In the next option you will be asked whether you want to upgrade your window or you want to install it. Select the installation option.
  • After that the setup process is initiated automatically.
  • In the next step you will be asked to enter the product key. This key is available in the DVD on Windows 8. Enter the key and click on the ‘next’ icon.
  • After that read the license terms and click on continue.
  • After that you have to select whether you want the custom installation or up gradation of the windows. Click on custom installation.
  • After that select the location on your computer where you want to store the settings of the windows 8.

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